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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 2, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, december 2nd, i'm alisyn camerota. we're days from falling off the fiscal cliff and the congress is blaming for inaction. >> it's unacceptable to hold the middle tax cuts hostage simply because they refuse to let the tax rates go up on the wealthiest americans. >> the republicans call this a bait and switch. >> alisyn: we'll debate. >> dave: one massachusetts town rolling out the welcome
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mat to long islanders for christmas tree lighting after the they refused to budge on the holiday event. the p.c. please. >> should you tip your garbage collector or how about your child's teacher? we have tips for tipping or the barista at starbucks. >> dave: no! sorry, ladies and gentlemen. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> are you supposed to tip the teacher. >> dave: some are, some are not. >> you want to err on the side of tipping and is it too much. do you tip the garbage man or the postal employee. you leave a bunt cake outside. >> alisyn: yes, money. they want money. >> dave: we'll get into it later, but it's tough because
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it used to be you tip someone for extraordinary service. >> alisyn: right. >> dave: now you just tip someone please. >> alisyn: so they don't egg your house, that's why you're tipping. >> and go to ff weekend and fire it up and let us know what and talk about it the bottom of the hour. >> alisyn: right to the headlines, new overnight, between the u.n. and afghanistan air base under attack. and car bombs went off at the gates of the american helicopters firing at the attackers and the taliban has claimed responsibility for this and n.a.t.o. says an afghan security officer was killed and local officers say five civilians were killed. did not make it past the gates. the tragic story this morning, a nfl player shoots and kills his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. jovan belcher shot and killed his 22-year-old girlfriend in their home and belcher's mother and three month old daughter in another room and
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he then drove to the chiefs practice facility and met up with the head coach and general manager there before turning away and taking his own life in front of them. >> if you can take your worst nightmare and then put somebody that you know and love into that situation a give them a gun and stand three feet away from them and watch them kill themselves, that's what it's like. it's unfathomable. >> police did not release a motive, but he and his girlfriend had been arguing frequently. he was just 25 years old. >> could a broken signal cause this train to derail. it stopped for a ligred light ad got the approved to go. and investigators are looking into the signal issues may have led to the crash.
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well, first they ran out of gas while trying to steal gas and two would-be thieves led key efforts. >> i think on the world's dumbest criminals, first you run out of fuel and then leave your truck behind. >> they were trying to steal gas from a golf course, and they tried to leave and ran away and left their truck. and clearly they needed gas. and no arrests have been made. >> like an episode of breaking bad. and why do the criminals go to the gas station where they rob someone and they have surveillance cameras and fill up and buy a bag of cheetos. it keeps you up at night.
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>>. >> rick: it's warm, 56 right now in chicago, your normal high for this date is 40. so, incredible warm air here across the plains. a bit of a front moving through including a few storms, but not going to cool anything down. in fact, look at your temps. 58 degrees in rapid city and seeing temps around 20 to 25 above average and areas of south dakota, 35 degrees above your average, very warm temps there and we still have our problems across parts of the west and the next storm moving into northern california and this one is a very strong one. very significant rain will fall here, some areas eight inches of rain and a lot of the rivers in central california concerned about flooding for today and tonight. and this storm storms by tomorrow, and another one comes in on tuesday, wednesday, lingers a little into thursday and then dry things out and this is the most potent of all and mostly
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rain, another warm system, but a steady stream of tropical moisture and it will bring light showers throughout parts of the ohio valley, to the great lakes, tonight and this afternoon. and behind it, temps are going to warm up a lot. in fact, today, the temps are extremely warm, across most of the country and pretty much the entire country is above where your average temps are this time of year and tomorrow, we'll see this heat builds further, getting to 61, dleefld, and # 66. and usually we're counting the days to christmas and shopping days left. not this year, the countdown to the fiscal cliff, thanks to our leftist leaders. >> usually count down to christmas, but lately congress does that. get out the advent calendar, and days until we fall off the
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fiscal cliff. and yesterday, one stayed he was frustrated for republicans and democrats for not taking leadership and the president says it's all the republicans fault, listen. >> the president said he wants the so-called balanced approach to solve this crisis, but what he proposed this week was a classic bait and switch on the american people. a tax increase double the size of what he campaigned on. billions of dollars and unlimited unchecked authority to borrow from the chinese. maybe i missed this, but i don't recall him asking for any of that during the presidential campaign. >> congress does nothing, every family will see their income taxes automatically go up the beginning of next year, a typical middle class family of four will see income taxes rise by 2200. and it's unacceptable for some in congress to hold the middle
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class hostage simply because they refuse to let the taxes go up. >> alisyn: it sounds like a broken record. and it it's hard to imagine they've been negotiating when they're in the same position. >> dave: the president is on the road, kind of hard to sit down with him. >> alisyn: the president has been on the road as though he were campaigning still and did propose 1.6 trillion dollars in tax increases. >> dave: double what we heard of. >> alisyn: the next ten years and only to the republicans, 400 billion in spending cuts so they were hoping those two numbers would be much closer and furthermore, the president-- not specific enough and also, that he would get a permanent, unlimited debt seal increase. when you talk about how at the end of the year we're always up again, you know. >> like last year. >> alisyn: we wouldn't have that anymore you could always increase the debt ceiling if this agreement were-- >> everyone in congress could enjoy their holiday instead of
3:09 am
having to go to the floor of holiday like rob woodall did to describe the debt plan. >> this is a giant blank sheet of paper. it's absent of any information whatsoever. because so, too, is the president proposing for tackling the real economic challenge we have here, the real driver of budget deficits, the real threat to american economics, superiority in this world, out of control-- the president of the united states, the president for four yea years, no credible plan for tackling that spending. >> dave: there's been nothing put on paper when it comes to entitlements from the president one thing he's been afraid to do.
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now he's been reelected don't be afraid to face the voters. tack tackle entitlement and changes to survive. >> alisyn: isn't that the beauty of the second term. incumbency you're no longer bo ho holden to anyone. >> and that 1.6 trillion dollar. before 800 billion and now it's 1.6 trillion. maybe that's the second term speaking. >> alisyn: let's talk about what's going on with the christmas tree. as you know, it's christmas season and that means that there will be incidents where the p.c. police are out in force, checking and calling your tree, a holiday tree or a christmas tree and this has. this is brewing in massachusetts because the mayor of a small town, well, a city in massachusetts, a small river had invited rhode islanders to cross over the border to come to his christmas free lighting because he's proudly calling
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it a christmas tree and the governor in rhode island is just calling it a holiday tree. >> and the governor of rhode island is going to call at that holiday free, it's not a christmas tree. and there's the governor from rhode island. >> suspiciously looking. >> and pointed out by the viewers. >> the mayor from the small town in massachusetts had been-- >> we just felt that rhode islanders were gypped and didn't go a chance to go to the state house and light the tree astra digs and felt they were showing change and across the border 15 minutes from you and have a good time tonight. >> dave: their christmas tree lighting and apparently a few rhode islanders there, does it bother you some call it a holiday tree versus a christmas tree? let us know. and coming up we have doreen, a state rep, a plan of her own
3:12 am
that holds her own christmas tree lighting in the capital there at rhode island. >> okay, we'll look at more of that. >> coming up on the show, what would our national security team really look like with this guy in charge? >> you make the most of it, study hard and make your homework and make an effort to the smart and you can do fell. if you don't, you get stuck in iraq. >> and the latest on the president's controversial choices. >> alisyn: and then mayhem in the middle east, and this time kim kardashian, and find out why they had to pull out the riot gear in bahrain. ♪
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>> welcome back. a cabinet shake-up. new reports that president obama is closer to naming new members among the decisions, is who will replace secretary of state hillary clinton. will it be u.n. ambassador susan rice or john kerry? >> well, for defense secretary who will it be? senator john kerry possible for that. and of course the vietnam vet later turned against the war and raises a huge red flag in the near future and the veterans for america join us now, hi, pete. >> thanks for having he me. >> read the pre-interview with you. and you're not a fan of either of these choices. what worries you? >> well, a great deal does, and a lot of it comes to judgment and you played the clip about john kerry and iraq and i still found myself in iraq, imagine that? and he's, both of them have
3:17 am
records, set aside benghazi, set aside some of the recent events with susan rice and judgments on management of conflicts called into question and she was in the national security council back in 1993 when rwanda kicked off and she made a controversial comment about, well, if we call it a genocide and don't act. what will be the implications on the november mid term election? and if you hook at-- and then later on, reflexively supported the regime in ruwan da when there were more war crimes committed and since vowed to heal that, but, you know, you've seen her political statements recently that showed there's a political side of susan rice and willingness for talking points that we can't afford as secretary of state and john kerry, he was part of the foreign senate relations committee and he was back in the late 60's and talked about war crimes that he reportedly
3:18 am
saw against the vietnam war and you have some track records that don't make them the best fit. >> there are numerous republicans, john mccain, lindsey graham, a barraso who sates i would support john kerry as secretary of state who in their words would cruise through a nomination. and how would an affect if those two are in place? >> if you like what's in the last four years, you're going to get more of the same. deep defense cuts. if you had john kerry as secretary of defense. what we need is a strong secretary of defense, in spite of drawdowns and budget cuts is going to project strength. john kerry is not going to do that. he was against the gulf war, he was for the iraq war before he was against it, and he wanted to withdraw from afghanistan sooner than 2013.
3:19 am
along those lines he's got a track record that sort of diminishes defense capability as opposed to building it up. we can't afford that. >> who would you like to see on this? >> i'm not in a position to make that kind of nomination. drastically different perspective than these two, and another piece on these they're differential to international institutions, u.n., criminal courts, that i think that diminishes american democracy and i have the clear eye of the world in the we pave and susan rice, intervention, but not in the threats of the world that are most threating to the united states. >> alisyn: you're of course with veterans of america. >> thanks for having me. >> dave: tax rates are lower now than under president reagan. our next guest says missing
3:20 am
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>> welcome back, everybody, some quick headlines now, chris toomey, the wife of pennsylvania senator pat toomey, for the flight 9-3 memorial in shankville and plans to hold an event to raise awareness for the cause. and former president h.w. bush remaining in the hospital through the weekend. the 88-year-old is treated from a nagging cough from
3:24 am
bronchitis and his condition is stable, the second time he's been in the hospital this month. >> thanks, an analysis done by the new york times says that because tax rates are lower now than under president reagan, the u.s. can afford to raise taxes and our next guest says not so fast. are they missing the overall point? joining us is james freeman with the editorial board. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> do you take the new york times at its word here on the research about the tax burden, during the reagan years, we have some graphics to show us some different family incomes here on the upper echelon. homes making $350,000 a year and now they're paying about 42% of income compared with 49% back in 1980? so they're saving money and that goes on all of the tax brackets, middle class and lower class, do you agree with that or do you think the new york times is missing the overall point here. >> as far as the numbers analysis, there's a lot of
3:25 am
examination of that over the next few days, for the moment let's accept that everything they've said is true. the real point is the context here because what ronald reagan did was start a worldwide movement toward lower tax rates and growth followed. a lot of people were lifted out of poverty and the good news is, the world is just a much more competitive place now, the question isn't are the tax rates at the same level they were in 1980 or 1950, the question is given the world today and the other economies do we have a competitive tax system and i think our slow going economy under president obama says we don't. >> the new york times though makes a mention of, just a sort of a passing mention in this massive article, by the way, about the need to cut spending like one or two sentences about the need-- >> and i think that milton freedman brought us, that spending is really the tax bill. it's just delayed. so, every toll the government spends eventually they're going to have to take it from someone, either in taxes or in inflation, so, this is why
3:26 am
you're seeing a lack of business investment is because this massive spending and huge debt tells every business owner, every investor, big tax are are coming to eventually pay for this. >> what was the point of the piece? i know there's hand wringing out there, maybe the folks on the right say under obama our taxes have gone up and we may more in taxes than we've ever paid and attempt to say, we're not-- >> this is long-term by the president and his allies to create an intellectual justification to raise taxes and in this case, they use the reagan years and often went back to times after world 2, where we were the only big kind of big, healthy industrial economy to say look, we grew then. and again, the point is that we're in a slow growth economy, high unemployment economy, a more competitive world thanks in part to our policies of the past, we need to compete and the highest
3:27 am
corporate tax rate in the world, what america has is not the way to be competitive. >> to make the argument we've made is to raise taxes and revenues and approach the fiscal cliff and argument from small businesses and others, if you increase our rate, we're either going to have to layoff individuals, not going to hire anybody else right now, and so, therefore, this economy that's already stalled is not going to grow at a clip. >> you remember two years ago, the question was, should we keep the bush rates, at least temporarily, given the problems in the economy and at that time, all the democrats acknowledged raising taxes is not a way to boost economic growth. for whatever reason, this time, there seems to be more of an ideological commitment that the rates have a rise and i think the president ought to be thinking, how do we grow. >> that's what the president said in 2010, we can't afford taxes right now in this down economy, what's changed. >> two years, i guess the election change. great to see you this morning, appreciate it. >> coming up on the show, it's the phone call that every
3:28 am
parent dreads, informing you your child has been in an accident. this father and son got through it and now giving back, helping veterans serving life changing challenges or survive life changing challenges, we'll hear about it. it may be the season of giving, but when it comes to tipping, how much should you be doling out and to who? the postman, how about the b barista at starbucks? ♪
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it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. ♪ >> our viewers are funny. >> what are they saying? >> they're some funny tweets. on the tipping topic. >> and you start with what the kids need for christmas and also, who do you have to tip-- >> i'll give you a tip if you pull your microphone out of your pocket. (laughter) >> that's the best tip of the day. wear a microphone, there's a great tip. >> clayton: although it sounded great in your pants. >> alisyn: well all right. most people are looking for that tip.
3:33 am
they're looking for a monetary tip and if you look at new york city you have to cash out all the time. >> dave: why is it worse out here. >> alisyn: here you have doormen and supers and live in apartment buildings. >> clayton: artificial things. >> alisyn: if you live outside of here you're still supposed to tip your postman. >> garbageman. >> alisyn: yeah, your garbage man, the teachers, we don't call it a tip, we call it a gift. >> clayton: a gift. so this interesting look at the way in which we should be tupg for the holidays, these are tips for you, and this is by what, yahoo! finance? >> consumer reports asked people who they tipped the most and came down to the house cleaners every year, the average of $50. >> alisyn: in addition to whatever weekly you're paying them. the lawn care crew, $25 on average, garbage collector, as you said. teacher in general, throw $20 into that pot and give them an end of the year gift and newspaper carrier, $20 into
3:34 am
the envelope there. >> clayton: interesting, noo newspaper carrier, if it arrives at the door and not soggy. >> alisyn: not in a puddle. >> clayton: this is what daif y care about the kwult of work or put a level of love into the job they've done and. >> dave: they've done something extra. >> if the newspaper delivery kid or guy, girl, whatever decides to put it nicely on the doorstep or is it in a bush covered in mulch? do i tip that person? why am i tipping them. >> alisyn: i think it's just customary you're supposed to tip and at the end. people appreciate a good, heart felt thank you and okay, we'll do that. okay. >> times are tight. >> i think they're looking for the actual tip is the the thing. >> and the other, the other range of tipping during the holidays, do you feel guilty about the starbucks barista.
3:35 am
>> a georgia teacher says give the starbucks barista a gift card to dunkin' donuts. >> dave: for some coffee that doesn't taste burnt? and i want to know which tip bothers you this time of year that you're reluctant to hand over that 20 bucks. >> clayton: getting in ka hoots with your neighbors on the garbage men. if you're giving $20, who do a great job and your neighbor gives 40, are they less inclined-- makes you look bad. >> alisyn: you can find us on twitter and find us at ff weekend as well. meanwhile, there are new reports this morning that the pentagon is looking to wrap up the spy network overseas. >> clayton: peter doocy live from d.c. with the details on this. >> reporter: good morning, clayton. the new spy agency called the dcs, defense clandestine agency and the intelligence collectors are taking orders directly from the department of defense, they'll have 1600
3:36 am
of the collectors according to the washington post, there are already around 500 case officers at the defense intelligence agency. gathers tension for the military by 2018. they'll have about a thousand and that number will keep growing as the defense intelligence agency transitions over to the new dcs spies will be trained by the cia, but unlike the cia, the dcs is not going to be able to do anything, but gath gather intelligence, political sabotage and drone strikes continue to be cia operations and of dcs, focus on targets. and in recent months, those priorities have been keeping tabs on problem areas like africa, iran, north korea and even the strengthening
3:37 am
military in china. this was signed off on by the defense secretary, leon panetta who used to be a cia chief and by general david petraeus who stepped down as cia chief after an extramarital affair was exposed last month, as for funding, the pentagon gave the dcs about 100 million dollars just to get the program started, but their overall budget is not expected to grow. in fact, the overall budget, the dia overall budget might decrease since just about every part of the government is looking to cut back right now and the money from the dcs and the personnel are just essentially going to be converted from the existing defense intelligence agency over to the defense clandestine service. >> that's what we need. an expansion of the government. >> thank you so much, peter. >> thanks, peter. >> all right, let's get your headlines now, and show you what's happening around the world. thousands of egyptians took to the streets, showing support for their president.
3:38 am
all right, this is the scene in cairo as egyptians rally behind president morsi. on december 15th there will be a vote on a new constitution, if approved. take place of the one in november protecting morsi from judicial oversight and opponents say the constitution is flawed and undermines basic freedom. a lot of passion there. meanwhile, new details about that terrible miami bus crash at that left two people dead and three people in critical condition. and that you can see crews cutting survivors out of the wreckage. and the double-decker bus crashed into a miami area airport and into a witness convention and the driver was unfamiliar with the area, did not mean to be at that airport at all. >> once he was in the airport. being unfamiliar with the routes and the roads, he took this road, fortunately, the bus did n
3:39 am
bus-- the bus did not clear the overpass. >> and police have not yet filed charges. you have to see this to believe this, freshman house members pulling the stops to get that primo office space. [applaus [applause] >> and dave briggs in the studio does this every morning. but that's alisyn sasslow incoming chief of staff, sticking the landing on a cartwheel and needless t this did give her luck, picked number ten in the capitol hill office space lottery. all right. meanwhile, kim kardashian is setting off a riot, yes, you can believe it. the reality store was in bahrain opening new millions
3:40 am
of milk shake store not familiar with that. police had to use tear gas, and hundreds protested her appearance she has a bad reputation, you don't have to be hardline muslim. that didn't bother her, she tweeted bahrain is the prettyiest place on earth. >> and notre dame took notes on yesterday's game. and winner likely play them for the championship. tied down by three one of the great games i've seen. aj mccarron after running 50 plus times hooking with with cooper, 45 yard strike, 32-28. last chance for georgia, ten seconds left, they needed that pass to be incomplete or they needed to spike it, needed to do something.
3:41 am
time runs out on the dogs. and bumming there. 32-28. so it looks like we have a notre dame, alabama, national championship, january 7 in miami and that should be outstanding and look for alabama, about a touchdown favorite. meanwhile, we now know who will be in the national title game, but how about sanford. who would join them in the rose bowl? didn't take long to find out. wisconsin made fast work of nebraska in the big ten title game. the badgers ran all over the huskers. and they rush for over 500 yards, and three players going over the the 100 yard mark. in fact, two of them went over 200 yards and they rushed for 8 touchdowns and 70-31 the final. and stanford and wisconsin in the rose bowl and some sad news in the sports world. rick majaris. former st. louis, utah head
3:42 am
coach passed away at 64 last night. >> clayton: sad news with him and the the kansas city chiefs yesterday, too. >> dave: really strange day in the sports world. a lot of questions asked about jovan belcher. >> alisyn: my husband going to the kansas city game today. >> dave: a lot of people thought should not be played. >> alisyn: a lot of people didn't know if it was going to be, but it's going to. let's go to rick. >> rick: you know what? newscorp puts out the nicest christmas lights and normally a garbage truck or something behind us on 48th street, but the christmas lights for the season. looking nice and tell you what, weather looking good for so many people today except bartz of the west. a quick look at the maps and flooding concerns again as the next potent storm is pulling on shore. here to bring a lot of rain again and win day conditions and see the rivers rising, a couple getting very close to all-time flood stages, so, big story across parts of the midwest and meanwhile, the
3:43 am
forecast in the northeast, the showers going through for your day 0 today. they will be light showers, not any big problems, temps warmer than yesterday. a lot of fog, across the big cities, be careful on the roads. and down to the southeast, more sunshine, we'll see fog across the central gulf coast, towards houston, along i-10, be very careful and remember the big car pileup we had there on thanksgiving day, but very warm conditions for the day today. for the northern plains, very mild conditions will continue. enjoy the temps while you can. back to you inside. >> thanks so much. a phone call that every parent dread, informing you that your child has been in an accident, but this father and son got through it and now giving back. they're going to join us live to share their incredible story next. >> the governor of rhode island refuses to call this had a christmas tree. well, one local lawmaker is fighting back. up next, she'll tell us how she plans to keep the christmas tree alive. ♪ ain't nothing like the real
3:44 am
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>> three years ago, bobby dixon was in a life threatening motorcycle accident. it was so bad when medics arrived they did not think he would survive the ambulance ride. his father robert was all the way in shanghai, china on a business trip when he got word and flew immediately back to the u.s. and when he arrived. bobby was in a coma that lasted three weeks. and when he broke up, his dad dropped everything to make sure his son could fully recover. that father and son join us to share their story in the newly released book, looking forward a father and son's journey to healing. good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: great to meet you, bobby and great to see you again, bob. we should let our viewers know, they might recognize you, you were on "fox & friends" three times in the past couple of years. >> three times. >> alisyn: when you were
3:48 am
talking about work to help vets you didn't share were you in the middle of a crisis. take us back to three years ago, were you in china and your wife called. christy called and said there had been an accident and first didn't think it would be that bad and word came in that it was very serious. and we arranged a series of conference calls with the doctors and at one point, the doctor said to me, i asked her, how, what she thought was going to happen she couldn't tell, she couldn't guarantee he would live another 15 minutes. at that point i asked both of my brothers to find a catholic priest to give bobby the last rites. >> alisyn: bobby, do you remember the accident? >> no, i don't. no recollection at all. >> alisyn: what's the first thing that you remember afterwards? >> first thing i remember afterwards was waking up in the hospital. >> alisyn: and of course, shocked that you knew that your life was forever changed. >> absolutely shocked, yeah.
3:49 am
>> alisyn: bob, as a result of all of this, you left your high powered job, so that you could attend to bobby, but in the midst of this for some reason, you took on a new venture where you wanted to help veterans find jobs after coming back from the battlefield. why did you want to do this? >> when i left the air force after eight years, somebody gave me a job simply because i was a vietnam vet. as i had start today look for a job after we knew that bobby was going to survive, i happened to help two military members find jobs, and from that, in the response and one of the appearances here on "fox & friends," the response was incredible. and today, the m c4 has over 1400 military members and hundreds of people have gotten jobs because of the coaching that they receive from the civilian coaches and it's all pro bono, it's all free. >> alisyn: beautiful.
3:50 am
and mc-4, find it through linked in. >> yes. >> alisyn: bobby, how are you doing, recovery? >> doing well, the recovery has gone really, really well, i'm in a program in boston and rowing crew, similar to being on the water three days a week and it's been instrumental in my recovery. >> alisyn: it's a beautiful, poignant story because you didn't let this potential tragedy stop from you moving forward and you can read about it in their new book, written together. it's called look forward and again, where can people find it, if they need help. >> find it on linked in, look for the military civilian coaching connection. >> and all the profits ap proceeds from the book sales go to helping and giving them. >> that's right. bob dixon, bobby dixon, thanks so much for coming back and great to have you back on. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> alisyn: first he took christmas out of christmas tree. and now, the governor of rhode
3:51 am
island wanted to pull the plug on the entire celebration. one lawmaker is fighting that. she's going to join us next. he
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> welcome back. first he took christmas out of christmas tree and now the governor of rhode island wants to pull the plug on the entire christmas celebration. now one lawmaker is fighting back, long island state rep at a smaller christmas tree lighting ceremony last year and ready to do it again this week. she joins us this morning, good to see you, representative. how are you? >> good morning, how are you? >> doing great. thanks. what bothers you about what the governor of rhode island does, not calling a christmas tree a christmas tree instead referring to it as a holiday tree? >> oh, it bothers not only me, but so many people from the
3:55 am
state of rhode island. so this wednesday night we're going to have a christmas tree lighting and we're going to have so much positive out of this and it's going to be awesome. >> what's been the reaction there in the community? >> they've all asked me since the governor broke the story, saying he wasn't going to light a tree and he was going to light a tree and the community a 30 minute window to get to the state house and a lot of people missed it so we're going to have it wednesday night at 6 so people can come after work, and we're going to make it so positive, dave. going to write christmas cards out to the troops and food drive and work for toys for tots and even st. nick between 6:30 and 7 p.m. so it's going to be a lot of fun. >> what is the statement that the government is trying to make? what is the signal he's trying to send by calling it a holiday tree in your opinion? >> well, he says times are changing and doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings so we're just going to run with it and you know, no matter what you believe in, what
3:56 am
state, everybody is invited not just for christians, jewish people, anybody that wants to come, please come, a great service to the community. we're going to collect a lot of toys, a lot of canned goods for people that can't afford to eat this christmas and we're just going to have a lot of fun. >> and this is not a partisan thing, it appears either. >> no. >> dave: when you look back two republican governors once referred to it as a holiday tree lighting as well. right? >> correct, it doesn't matter if you're a d or r, an independent, it's just about the community and when the governor the at first said he was going to light a holiday tree because of what happened last christmas, everybody started calling me. i got hundreds of phone calls throughout the communities and the state and dave, throughout the world and asked me to do something this year and fight for what we believe in and keep the tradition going so i decided to do it. >> dave: again, before we rap wrap it up. when and where is your lighting? >> wednesday night 6 p.m. at
3:57 am
the state house in providence and all is welcome. >> dave: all right, doreen costa, a state rep there in rhode island. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> dave: and more on "fox & friends," and the fiscal cliff, how far is it now. we're back in two. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..."
3:58 am
share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices with uimited talk and text. by htc for $49.99.
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>> good morning, everyone, sunday, december 22nd, 2012. i'm alisyn camerota. the clock is ticking we're weeks away from going over that fiscal cliff. who does the president blame? republicans. >> it's unacceptable for some republicans of congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage simply because they refuse to let the tax rates go up on the wealthiest americans? >> where is the compromise this morning? we'll see if we can find it. >> and he gave the homeless man a fair boost on a freezing evening. now, the officers think the act of kindness keeps getting better and updates on that
4:01 am
heart warming story. >> plus, 'tis the season to steal. thieves may be lurking around your doorstep, tips how to protect your presents straight ahead. i've been worried about that. >> alisyn: don't leave them on your doorstep for one. >> clayton: wrap them and leave them on your doorstep. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> a lot of e-mails, pouring in about tipping. and holiday tipping. good morning, thank you for joining us. she says, lo, we compost, no good scraps and take the recycling to the recycling center, i feel like i should be tip. >> dave: i don't know my garbage man works hard and we put a lot of stuff out there. way beyond two trash cans when you have three kids. >> alisyn: you guys are full of trash. >> dave: i have no problem with that one. >> clayton: that's right. >> alisyn: keep them coming we like to read your comments. let's get to your headlines, a
4:02 am
fox news alert. we're following overnight developments on that deadly attack at the u.s. afghan air force at eastern afghanistan. no reports of american deaths and afghan authorities are saying, three afghan soldiers and two civilians killed after car bombs went off at the gates and cards responded by opening fire. and taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack and n.a.t.o. says the attackers did not make it past the gates. can a miscommunication over a broken signal cause this new jersey rail at the bridge. and they inspected the bridge, the train's engineer reportedly got approval from a dispatcher to cross, despite that red light and only a few cars made it over the bridge before it collapsed, derailing, seven cars, toxic gas and the air sickening more than 70 people. investigators are looking into the signal issues, did that involve the crash.
4:03 am
secretary of state hillary clinton making one of her final official visits this week. she will first head over to the czech republic and then off to belgium with a meeting with n.a.t.o. leaders and then dublin, a major speech how the u.s. has spotted human rights and finally stop in northern ireland for their efforts. >> and a wisconsin mother, got a special gift this christmas, a kidney and it's thanks to a billboard. and stephanie henderson's kidneys failed and they bought a billboard a young mother needs a kidney donor, is it you? it inspired a stranger to get tested and a match was found and now stephanie has a new kidney. >> this are so many emotions going through my head. i don't know which one to latch on to to say it's the exciting part or thankful part. oh my gosh, is this happening part? >> the transplant included a chain of four donors and four recipients across the country. and she received her new
4:04 am
kidney last week and is recovering and doing well. those are your headlines. >> all right, thanks, check in with rick reichmuth for a look at the forecast and it felt muggy out this morning, almost like a weird late summer day. >> it's really warmed up a lot and a lot of fog going on, across the spots. and i'll show you that, and it's kind of a soupy morning and the roads are dangerous and especially across the big cities here and i-95 corridor from d.c. up to new york and a couple of other spots and democrats at the central gulf coast and advisories at southeast coast hereof texas we could be seeing a lot of fog, so the i-10 corridor problematic and that's the one, remember, just on thanksgiving day, 110 car pileup and a couple of fatalities and concerns across the northern plains and north dakota and montana and across the central plains and kansas, and be very careful as you're headed out on the roads across parts of the west where we've
4:05 am
got the big storm, the next in the series of storms we've had, this will be the last potent one. another one for tuesday, where i think we'll see another three or four inches in a few spots and today, pretty heavy rin and the snow is extremely high. especially across california and more across the interior mountains and the northern rockies, parts of idaho and montana, for now, it's all of that rain across northern california, a little bit of rain across the great lakes, light in nature and not incredibly cold behind the storm, and however, it will keep things gray and groomy for the day around the great lakes and into the northeast, all right, guys. >> thank you, rick. all right, let's talk about this, because 30 days, not until the new year, no, but it's 30 days until the new year, can't change that, but it's 30 days-- we're not celebrating that, three days until we fall off the fiscal cliff. >> i just said-- >>. >> let me modify that. >> dave: i just fell off a cliff. >> clayton: the calendar, we celebrate the holiday season,
4:06 am
but not celebrating the 30-day countdown left until we look for a financial cliff that's coming fast and furious. >> dave: and look, if you get out the actual calendar and look at it and cut out weekends and realize that congress goes home for christmas on the 14th, basically two weeks. >> clayton: yeah. >> dave: two weeks or congress to come together and reach a deal on avoiding that fiscal cliff and we are nowhere even close to any compromise after the president's proposal, ali. >> alisyn: yeah, it's not looking promising. because the president, i mean, the republicans say at that they were hoping that the president was going to try to meet them more in the middle or halfway because they all had agreed that they could raise 800 billion dollars with each of their separate tax proposals, one was to close loopholes on the republican side. and the president to raise on individuals and now the number has changed. the president in his proposal wants 1.6 trillion dollars in tax increases. here is the president on how
4:07 am
the g.o.p. has not been cooperating. >> if congress does nothing, every family will see their income taxes automatically go up, a typical middle class family will see their taxes rise by 2200 dollars, but it's unacceptable for some in congress to hold middle class tax cuts hostage because they refuse to let the tax rates go up on the wealthiest americans. >> a lot of people saying that there's not been a compromise at all coming from the white house, in fact, that we had this sort of road maps before we had a plan and suddenly the white house is pulling the rug out from it. and colonel alan west speaking to huckabee about the issue. >> i was in complete shock because it really has nothing to do with reality. and when you look at the proposal proposal to raise 1.6 trillion in new taxes and he wants more in stimulus spending and extend the 99 weeks of unemployment benefits which will be another 30 billion per year, and also, the other thing that was very
4:08 am
troubling, was that the president wants his own control of raising the debt ceiling. so, i don't think we have a president that is serious about giving our debt under control and getting our deficit, which is the federal government spending under control. we continue to get closer to this incredible fiscal cliff and i think that the president should take a case study analysis and look at what president coolidge did and jfk, john f. kennedy when they went in and lowered tax rates and increased revenues, which is exactly what we're talking about. >> so either you've got a president who is tremendously overconfident after being reelected or someone who asks for the sty in the first offer knowing that he will look like the compromising once he gives in on the demands and gets himself involved in negotiations. >> both sides are waiting to see who is going to offer up the plan first, we're waiting on the white house. >> it's the president's job, isn't it? congress controls the purse strings and the white house is waiting for-- we're waiting for something
4:09 am
from congress on their side and go back and forth, who puts up the offer first and it's the first salvo, so, michigan mcconnell laughs at it and timothy geithner hands it to them. this isn't real. >> i didn't know that first was the first offer. we have been talk about this for months. why is it now, i'm sure after the election and everybody knew where both sides stood and you would think some sort of progress. >> thanksgiving congress was off and to today's point the christmas holiday coming up here, only a few weeks, the 30 day window is not a 30 day window. >> and all of the congressmen we speak to off camera, we say is there going to be a deal, probably in the last minute we'll hash something out a ridiculous charade. get it done. >> let us know. >> and this story keeps resonating. the beautiful story that the new york post captured this week after police officer who didn't know that his photo was being shot and he was giving a homeless man socks and shoes
4:10 am
that he had bought out of his own pocket. the development. >> the n.y.p.d. officer on the screen, larry deprimmo, now the brother, a random act of kindness it wasn't something planned or thought out and we spoke to larry on friday, and this is a little recap of his appearance, first listen to him. >> what brought my attention to it, some were making fun of them. saying you've got no shoes, and i was down the street and didn't have a pair of socks on, i don't care about the price we need to get him a good pair of boots and another human being and want to help this gentleman a lot of things that a lot of people don't realize things like this happen every day. >> now the new development this morning, his-- the homeless man's brother was picking up the new york post and saw his photo on the post and didn't realize this was miss brother who is homeless sitting there without shoes. and had to learn about it from picking up from the new york
4:11 am
post. >> alisyn: this is 54-year-old jiffry hillman, homeless man, it's interesting to hear people's back story how they get in dire straits. one of three brothers all good students and hard workers, but he just became wayward. he start of bounced around and they grew up in new jersey, he bounced around and never had any directions and the brothers didn't know that he had gotten in such trouble to the point where he couldn't afford shoes and was homeless and didn't have socks and freezing out on the streets and would he just call home about once a year and check in, that he was okay, but they didn't know it was this bad. >> the brother says his door is open to his homeless brother and hopefully a happy ending to him finding work and a path to getting off the streets. >> alisyn: and he sounds like a sweet guy. when the officer was here, he told us the story how the homeless man, he said can i get you anything else, can you come with me to a sherlt. no, officer you've done
4:12 am
enough, god bless you, thank you so much. all right. coming up on the show, if the word monarchy makes you think of europe or ancient history, think again. >> the administration cannot unilaterally issue an edict. congress, congress, congress is in charge of the purse. the government has gone wild. >> in charge of the purse strings, that was republican congressman ted poe, he's here with more. >> alisyn: government gone wild, i see new reality show. >> clayton: sounds exciting. >> alisyn: no one likes paying rent and one landlord is giving the ultimate christmas gift and lowering the rent. he tells you what he wants the tenants to do with extra cash. ♪ don't worry 'cause i'm coming ♪ ♪ i'm a soul man ♪ i'm a soul man ♪ i'm a soul man [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way...
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4:15 am
>> yes, the clock is ticking
4:16 am
as we head closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff. and house republicans had harsh words for president obama after he released a budget proposal suggesting more taxes, more spending. >> he wants the power to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval and they cannot issue an edict like a monarchy, congress, congress, congress is in charge of the purse. the government has gone wild. >> dave: in that congressman's words has they become a monarchy, explaining from texas, congressman poe. >> good morning, dave. >> dave: how has this administration become like a monarchy? >> well, the president in his proposal basically said, turn everything over to me, give me the power or let me take the power to raise the debt ceiling, that seems to be quite arrogant on his part and if he's serious about it, they
4:17 am
be what he's really saying is, i want to spend more money. that's how i want to solve the fiscal cliff problem, is spending more taxpayer money. so, the president doesn't have the authority to raise the debt ceiling, he shouldn't have the authority. congress, as you all mentioned earlier is in charge of the money, the purse in the united states. >> dave: of course, there wasn't just that ability to continuously raise the debt ceiling, and 1.6 trillion in new taxes, 50 billion in new stimulus spending, to mention a couple of provisions in his offer. is there any, any room for compromise where we are right now in avoiding the fiscal cliff? >> well, there will have to be some compromise, there will have to be some plan, but the president's proposal is so ridiculous. the idea that he's going to raise taxes, really fwe just followed his plan, wouldn't solve the problem anyway, because the spending is so much. and that he wants to spend more money, he wants to--
4:18 am
another stimulus bill. the first one didn't work well for the country, but yet, we cannot spend our way into prosperity and tax our way into prosperity, which is what the president thinks. so, i think in the house, republicans should finish their plan, propose their plan, pass their plan out of the house and get something on the table from the republican side and send it to the-- >> then what should that plan include, in terms of added revenues? >> well, we should provide the tax code and make sure some of the loopholes in there are removed. so, streamline the tax code, remove the entire income tax philosophy, fair tax or flat tax, can't do that now. but look at spending and spending cuts across the board and different programs where we can really cut some money, rather than talk about it, let's do something and do it
4:19 am
next week and move it down to the senate and the let them look at it it. >> dave: so there's substance and also, style, congressman. how do you feel about the fact that the president, instead of sitting down with your leader john boehner is out there in what appears to be a campaign style, giving speeches instead of negotiating? >> well, it's disturbing in some respect. he is the leader of the country. and rather than be in washington d.c. in a room working with everybody involved that can make these decisions and push legislation, republicans, democrats, senators, members of house and talking through the knitty gritty, he proposes town and campaigns about it and it's difficult to communicate and talk about things if the president is not in washington to talk. >> dave: especially with roughly two weeks to go before congress recesses on the 14th. always good to have you on, thank you, sir. >> thank you, dave. >> dave: coming up next, for those who wish life was like a
4:20 am
music cal. a new site is auctioning the way to propose. is the price tag to pop the question worth it. and take thieves taking packages off people's porches, how to make sure it doesn't happen to you. it happened to me a year ago. ♪
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4:23 am
♪ >> wake up, it's time for your news by the numbers. first, 300 bucks, how much a room is in milford plaza hotel in new york city cost per night. tons of those rooms were left vacant for sandy victims and
4:24 am
have gone unused and the taxpayers will now have to foot that bill. 73%, how many americans would rather have a cash bonus instead of a holiday work party or gift. the next best thing, a raise. finally, $20,000, that's all you have to fork over for a flash mob proposal at a fancy new york city bistro, it's being auctioned off on a website. there you go. and well, the grinch may not be the only one out trying to steal your grinch this season. holiday gifts through the mail, an opportunity too tempting for them to ignore. they're intercepting thousands of packages, walking up and grabbing them off someone's doorstep and taking it home myself. running away and identity theft expert, joins us now with how to protect yourself and your gifts this holiday season. robert, nice to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> so, let's walk through some
4:25 am
of the tips here, first you say, install a locking mailbox at home. on the inside or outside, it doesn't matter, right? >>. >> on the outside of your home, a locking you mailbox, the postal carrier can put mail in and the bad guy can't out. envelopes or packages, but one layer of protection to protect your identity. >> identity protection not necessarily the larger packages, which may bring us to the second point here, set up a po box for the season. easy to do? >> yeah, so, i have a po box as well and they cost anywhere from 50 to $100 per year or less. and that requires all your mail to go to the postal annex, essentially, the only person who can steal it would be the carrier so you're usually in pretty good shape there. and that's one of your best layers of protection. >> and you also say that drop your mail off at the post office, what do you mean by that? >> any outgoing mail, take it right to the post office as opposed to putting a mail up.
4:26 am
the flag up means that bad guys can come and get it. >> clayton: and packages, too, you can't leave packages unless you're actually-- a lot of people printing at home so that works for both envelopes and packages. and required, get the signature required and too lazy with it and don't want to make sure they're there. but really important to do? >> this is balancing convenience with security. essentially, no signature required, means they can drop it off your door, right at your mailbox, whereas signature required, if you're not at home. you've got to go to the post office and get it. that's the best tip right there. as long as the signature is required, then they have to give it to a human being. >> utilize deluxe security checks, i don't know what they are. >> basically contacting your postal annex will require the post office to pay close attention to your address. i had mail stolen at one point and i contacted the alex and so now, they are--
4:27 am
we're in communication and they know that my property is at risk so they monitor it, the postal carrier knows who i am. and they don't just leave packages without having some type of approval. >> clayton: and robert, if i can add a tip. those are type great ones, a tech guy tip. a product that actually featured on the show and you saw the videos we're showing here, because people had cameras set up. and it's a cheap option, that drop cam, which i featured on the the show, it's under 100 bucks and plug it into the home wi-fi network and watch the home anywhere in the world, cellular network a records video of the position and dvr of the guy coming to your front porch. >> video is great and certainly another layer of protection, video lets the bad guy know there's an eye in the sky and some additional paying attention and sometimes it thwarts them because they might get caught and keeping in mind, too, a false sense of security to put a hoody on, no
4:28 am
one can see their face, in the end, signature required and not to leave a package unless you're receiving. >> with the camera, they've taken your podge, you just have video when they left. and great tips, always great to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, it's prescribed to treat a.d.h.d., but the drug ataral from the classroom, and why it's the performance enhancing drug and the company that calls themselves a netflix of toys, a great idea. it will save money and help your kids learn. we'll explain when we come back. ♪ this holiday, share everything. share "not even close."
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" everybody. check out gretta on the record tomorrow night with new mexico governor susanna martinez, a rising star in the party. who knows where her role will be as we move forward. certainly, someone that will be mentioned at the very least as a vice-president next time around. >> alisyn: it's interesting, because gretta gets sort of a back, back stage view of
4:33 am
governor martinez and not just a sit-down. >> dave: and certainly will reveal her plan for immigration in the party moving forward. >> alisyn: tune into that. meanwhile, we have the headlines because egypt's supreme court is suspending all work. after thousands of egyptians took to the streets to support their president. >> hey. >> alisyn: this is the scene in cairo yesterday as egyptians rallied behind president morsi and now says he will not keep working until the pressure on them ends. and there will ab vote on a new constitution in two weeks, if approved, it would take the place of the one passed in november and opponents say the constitution is flawed and undermines basic freedom. there's new details about that horrible miami bus crash that left two people dead and three in critical condition. you can see crews cutting
4:34 am
survivors out of the wreckage. and headed to a jehovah's witness convention and we're hearing that the driver was unfamiliar with the area and did not mean to be at that airport at all. once he was in the airport, being unfamiliar with the route and the roads, he took this road, unfortunately, the bus did not have the clearance to pass the overpass as you can see behind me. >> asyn: all 27 other passengers sustained injuries and police have not filed charges. >> clayton: did that with a u-haul truck. >> alisyn: and cuba is having the u.s. for a trade and free an imprisoned american contractor for five cuban spies. allen gros in 2009 for installing internet in a cuban neighborhood and is now serving a 15 year sentence. gross' wife is pleading to step up efforts to bring him home. he is lost 110 pounds and is
4:35 am
afraid for his health. and only if we release cuban spies from 14 years ago. check out the letter that is a read it user post it-- >> read it. >> alisyn: a landlord tells residence that he's lowering the rent $70 in december because it's the holiday season. in the letter he says he hopes the landlord will help buy a present for someone in the life. the rent goes back to normal january 1st. >> dave: still, that's a nice gift. >> clayton: don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right. >> dave: and let's talk about sports now, it will not be a all championship game in miami. but last night in atlanta it felt awful like a championship game. georgia and alabama in a sec championship. and ground game for bama until
4:36 am
that aj mccarron hooking up with cooper, 45 yard strike. 32-28. bama ran for 350 yards. georgia had a shot to win it, instead of spiking the football, that happened. and aaron murray's pass was tipped. should have been knocked down to the ground, but nobody thinks that way. and 32-28, alabama moving on and they'll play notre dame for the national championship game january 7th in miami and it should be a classic. next up shall the big 10 championship game, business business taking on nebraska, the badgers just ran over the huskers, more than 500 yards rushing, 42-10 at the half and listen to the numbers. three players for wisconsin run for 100 yards. two of them ran for 200 plus yards. and eight rushing touchdowns in all. 70-31 the final. wisconsin over nebraska, and so, it's the badgers, against
4:37 am
stanford in the rose bowl. and saying goodbye to a coaching legend, basketball coach rick pajaris died yesterday of heart failure, all time great had only one losing season in 25 years of coaching, including two 30-win seasons and racked up more than 500 wins and led utah to the 1998 ncaa finals where they lost to kentucky and he was 64 years old. one of my favorite quotes about himself. made fun of himself. he said some guys drink, some guys smoke, some guys chase women and i'm a barbecue sauce guy. he admitted he struggled with his weight and not eat pizza, a great guy on and off the court and he'll be missed. >> clayton: sad news. and check with rick reichmuth and the forecast and out in it. >> rick: a foggy morning for a lot of people across the northeast and parts of the south as well as in towards the northern plains.
4:38 am
so as you're headed out on the roa roads. the central maps, rapid city 68. your average this time of year, 40. almost 30 degrees above where you typically should be and a few spots across the high plains that are going to be pushing 35 to 40 degrees before your averages and incredibly warm, down towards dallas and around 20 degrees before your average and kansas city, amarillo and the heat is there. in fact, stick around for a lot of this coming week and enjoy the temps, obviously, it's not going to last. look out towards the northeast for your forecast today. look at the system moving across the great lakes, some scattered showers and light in nature, so, no major problems, but it's going to keep things gloomy, and showery for the day today as the little front moves through and down to the southeast, where it continues to be unfortunately, no rain, we certainly yeed it there. all right, back to you inside. >> thanks, rick, i'll take it. we all know that babies and kids get bored by toys quickly and end up with a houseful of
4:39 am
clutter, but a new company, spark box toys, change that by letting parents rent toys, and the best part the toys are educational. here to explain are the founders of spark box toys, alice and pegga, nice to meet you guys. >> thanks for having us. >> i like the concept, your kid plays with the new toy for a week and sits in your living room collecting dust and you guys figured this out. >> we deliver educational kids under four years old. a box of toys personalized for their learning and development. best part when you're done, send it back and you get a fresh box. >> alisyn: so great. let's talk about some of the toys you guys are highlighting now, it's the holiday season, a great time to begin this service, so in the first year, and until a child turns one, what do you think a child likes to play with. >> at this time stage they're starting to crawl and stand and it's great to have toys
4:40 am
th with movement and understanding cause and effect. and relating pictures to meaning. >> so you have the crawl and go snail, an activity play cube and rattle and when they get tired and slobber all over it, they send it back to you guys and you disinfect it. >> a five step cleaning and repackaging process, takes care of the germs that you might be worried about. >> alisyn: show me what you suggest for 18 month olds? >> okay, so, right here, we have the willow ball run, but nesting and stacking toys are perfect for the age group because kids are starting to gain a little self-confidence and when they stack toys correctly makes their day. >> alisyn: after two weeks when they grow out of this. >> yes. >> alisyn: when they're about two years old, what's your favorite thing here, the e
4:41 am
egg-pressinos. >> the eggs are great. they're starting to talk about what their desires, so, this is a great way to talk and story tell through emotional eggs like this and talk about what kind of feelings they might have. >> alisyn: that's great. yes, we had a book for my kids and it helps them to understand, but today i'm feeling blue. you know? don't necessarily have that-- >> exactly they start telling the story, why do you think this egg feels blue. >> alisyn: and this. >> we have a round and square puzzles, and learning for writing without the mess because all of these magnets are embedded in the toys, when you're done, erase it and start all over again. >> alisyn: gosh, i love these, i wish i'd known about these when my kids were two. this is great. thank you, again, you're the co-founders of spark box toys, people can find it online. >> great. >> and you can browse all of
4:42 am
our toys on our website. >> alisyn: perfect, will do. >> thank you so much. >> alisyn: thank you for coming in, great suggestions. and coupons? >> we're offering our viewers $10 off today and signing up at spark box toys. the code is fox saver. >> alisyn: thanks so much. from kids to mom and now professional athletes, it's gone from treating a disorder to a performance enhancing drug. we'll tell you what adderall actually does. and she did what no woman has done before. she's trained like a navy seal. up next, this model is here to tell us about going to boot camp. and we don't mean-- ♪ it's a hard day's night and i've been working hike a dog. it's been a hard day's night i should be sleeping like a log. .
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4:46 am
>> welcome back, everybody, the drug adderall has moved from college campuses in classrooms to locker rooms and on the playing field. >> alisyn: it's prescribed for the treatment of attention deficit disorder, a.d.h.d. we've seen seven suspensions related to its use. >> dave: major league baseball, as well. and why is it quickly becoming the performance enhancing drug. and joining us is a sports medicine specialist, good morning, to you, doctor. >>. >> alisyn: doctor, can we hear you? >> i didn't hear you. >> dave: there you go, great to see you. this is a strange story to read about, i just read the other day that major league baseball players gram to have essentially the number of
4:47 am
a.d.h.d. symptoms as the normal adult population. what does adderall do for athletes, why would they help it. >> sure, it's a stimulant medication to give to kids to help them focus and concentrate when they can't do that and when it's taken in people who don't have a.d.h.d. it can do similar thing, gives you energy, a boost, allows you to perform for longer periods of time without needing sleep and helps you to focus on concentrate. where it isn't a traditional performance enhancing substan substance, when we think of things we've looked at and studied over time. it can definitely enhance your performance especially on the athletic field. >> that's interesting, what you're talking about is mental acuity and in fact, 25% of adult patients admitted to faking a.d.h.d. siymptoms just to get adderall.
4:48 am
we understand in the office if you want that laser-like focus, but why a football field? >> one of the biggest uses is obviously in academics, i mean, it's definitely been, unfortunately, used as a performing enhancing substance for kids who want to be better in school. on the field, having more acuity, able to have more endurance, remembering calls, knowing, you know, what plays are-- there is a lot of mental acuity when it comes to any sport, remembering what you're supposed to do, what the game plan is, the more you're able to focus and concentrate on the task you're giving. athletes want to perform better. want to be the best and this is something that they've come to to use. >> alisyn: sure. >> dave: we understand the side effects of steroids, but as alisyn mentioned the nfl players have been suspended for it. what's the down side to using adderall and a.d.h.d. drugs. how can it hurt you? >> sure, the drug class is a very addictive medication,
4:49 am
it's a class two scheduled drug, so, you know, taking it over time, you potentially need more and more to get the same type of effects. some of the side effects we see, nausea, vomiting, your kids, because the kids end up with depression or if you haven't taken the medication and you potentially need it in your body and the psychosis along with the heart attacks, and severe side affects and taken in huge doses and prescribed by physicians, those are serious, and thank you f you-- doctor, thanks for being on. >> thanks for having me. >> she's tough enough to go up against the boys and we'll meet models who went to boot camp for navy seals, she joins us next to to talk about the hardest part. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> well, she went from being a model to training with the navy seals. >> navy seals is a male-only training course in the navy. last year i allowed a woman to attend the training and it didn't go very well. ♪ >> came in second or third, we had them do this competition, i'm impressed. >> and what was the hardest part about training like a navy seal.
4:54 am
>> joining us now is model and host of woman versus workout, and lauren, great to have you here. >> thank you for having me, guys. >> alisyn: that looks intense. >> it was intense. it was probably the hardest thing i've ever done. it was the hardest thing i've ever done. >> clayton: why did you do it. was it your decision, somebody says you've got to try this and you say i'm not going to back down from this challenge. no one has completed this course. >> and i don't back down, i'll try anything once, that's my motto, but some viewers were asking me, has she done military training before? because we know that's probably the hardest thing you could do. so of course my produce ers took me to one of the hardest military training, the navy seals and it was exhausting. >> clayton: walk us through some of that, we see some of the images here, but we've talked to navy seals on the show before and they don't go into a lot of details. >> dave: and what is the hardest part of the training. >> the fact it was 24 hours and we did not stop.
4:55 am
i must have done a total of 13 to 16 hours of just pure physical exercise and literally, they want today take every ounce of energy that i had and take it out of me and then there's the mental aspect on top of it. they are torturing you, they are he' breaking you down and they want to find your weakest spot and they do, they find it. and you know, for me it was at six o'clock in the morning when i was soaking wet, i was in my army fatigues, i was exhausted and i was in and out of water, and i must have ton 600 push-ups at that time and they just broke me down, broke me down and preyed on my weak spots for sure. it took me like a week to recover from this. >> dave: did you come away with a new appreciation what our men and women in the military go through and what did you learn about them in terms of toughness. >> to be honest with you i had no idea how difficult this was and when you think about what they're doing overseas, fighting war, i don't think there's any way you could ever prepare for something like that. so, i mean, yeah, i did so
4:56 am
many push-ups and someone yells at me the whole time, but being overseas and fighting in a war and like trying to fight for my life and the rest of my country, i just couldn't imagine what that would be like. >> alisyn: we heard the clip. when you won them over, you were one of the last to pop up out of the water. you held your breath the longest. >> i surprised myself. i did pretty good in a lot of the different challenges that we had. i do a lot of yoga, so, i mean, holding my breath was probably one of the easier things i did, but i stacked up pretty well, i was surprised and i left after the 24 hours even though i was so exhausted, i felt this amazing feeling of just accomplishment that weighed much over this how tired i was, it was unbelievable. >> dave: you're next, ali, you're next. >> alisyn: and when i hear boots, i go boot shopping. lauren, great to meet you.
4:57 am
you're involved in holistic medicine and stuff. where can people find you. >> i'm a holistic nutritionist and teach people how to eat and part of being fit is your diet, the way you eat. >> alisyn: twitter, facebook? >> i'm on twitter, on facebook, find me-- >> a woman versus workout on youtube. >> perfect. >> exactly. >> alisyn: thanks, lauren. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: "fox & friends" continues. of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of your plan. only on verizon. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs.
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order now and get a special holiday gift: a document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free! call the number on your screen or go online and let lifelock protect your identity for 60 days risk-free. because during the holidays, keeping your identity protected means keeping your family protected. >> good morning, everyone, sunday, december 2nd, i'm alisyn camerota. can a fiscal cliff agreement be reached just in the nick of time. the president wants a deal by christmas and republicans say he's the one who needs to get serious. >> this is a giant blank sheet of paper. it's absent of any information whatsoever because so, too, is the president's proposal. >> alisyn: can a 11th hour
5:01 am
deal be reached? we'll ask chris wallace straight ahead. >> dave: he should know he spoke with geithner and boehner. and shocking in the nfl, disturbing details on the murder-suicide with a kansas city linebacker. >> clayton: and there's a push to keep christ in christmas, and where the season is alive and well. here is a hint. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> he's reading the paper. >> dave: i am, because this kansas city story is just a head scratcher. it's a very sad story, but also just strange. you've got a guy 25 years old making 2 million dollars a year to play football just had a baby girl, and killed himself right in front of the general manager and the head coach of the kansas city the
5:02 am
day before a football game. >> clayton: in the parking lot. pulled up to go to practice. >> dave: do you think they should play the game? many are angry they're going ahead with the panthers and some say they should have pushed it until monday. >> alisyn: on a personal note, my husband had flown to kansas city to go to this game so everyone, obviously, is talking about it. >> dave: observation. >> clayton: and is one day so much, a week or-- i don't know. >> clayton: where do you play on, that's what you're there for, football is in your bones. >> alisyn: we'll get more on that story in a moment and we have a fox news alert. while were you sleeping, a u.s. afghan air base under attack and the afghan defense minister says that car bombs went off at the gates with afghan guards and military helicopters firing at the response. no reports of any american deaths, but authorities say that three afghan soldiers and two civilians were killed and the taliban claimed
5:03 am
responsibility. >> an investigation now pointing to possible signal issues in this new jersey train dehe railment. authorities say the train stopped for a red light, after inspecting the bridge the train engineer reportedly got approval from a dispatcher to cross despite the red light and only a few cars made it over before the bridge collapsed, derailing seven cars, toxic gas liked into the air and making more than 70 people stick and investigators are looking to see whether the signal issues led to this crash. new reports that the p.o.ientag is looking to rev up its spy network and add hundreds of new spies. the new goals, to have 1600 intelligence collectors, a network that would rival the cia in size and the areas of focus, islamic militant groups
5:04 am
and monetary in china. and kim kardashian was in bahrain opening her milk shake store and the police had to use tear gas it to break up a protest outside. hardline muslims protested her, and some lawmakers her visit in parliament. and doesn't about they are her, she said bahrain is the prettyiest place on earth. >> dave: i'll take her word for it she's an expert on a lot of things, clayton. hey, rick. >> rick: it shows how much we have in common across the world. and with the kardashians. >> clayton: or love the kardashians. >> rick: and hey, guys, a lot of fog out this morning, if you're headed across 95, parts of the northeast, be very, very careful and down to the south more fog throughout texas along the i-10 corridor,
5:05 am
very heavy fog, building at times. so potentially, you know, seeing some of those car crashes and people getting, following too close, be very careful on the road and same for parts of i-70 and i-80, a lot of areas across the northern plains and the same fog. a lot of heat building across the plains and the next three days, well above average across the far northern plains and the southern plains, 20 to 25 degrees above your averages through the next few days, so, enjoy it, certainly like to see that, get some warm temperatures and use some rain there and not getting it, the rain is across parts of california and the next system coming in, rain showers across oregon and washington, and snow across the higher elevations and you have to go very high, 6, 7,000 feet before you see that and that's interior ranges, and the snow levels 8500 feet so, very, very high and dealing with rain that's light in nature all day long, and going towards the northeast,
5:06 am
bringing some scattered showers. all right, guys, back to you. >> thanks so much, rick, as we turn our attention back now to the fiscal cliff this morning, with the president on to something in 2010 when president obama said you don't want to raise taxes in the times of economic strive? obviously, raising, letting the bush era tax cuts expire and going through an economic recovery, do you want to let the tax cuts expire? so many americans are hurting. anything change from 2010 to 2012? maybe more context and this morning we have a little more context because now we know the u.s. household net worth has reached a 43-year low. so, it begs the question for washington, this the time now you want to raise taxes on those particular americans? >> this comes from a study from an nyu economics professor and his name is alan wolf and he has said that the net worth, now, this isn't your income, your net worth is now $57,000, the median net worth. in other words, it's the lowest as clayton said in decades because debt has balooned so much in the middle
5:07 am
class and your net worth is much lower than it used to be 30 years ago. >> and much because home values have declined. so, the money you owen your home is more than it's worth. so, that's probably-- >> that's the problem. >> alisyn: it's edward wolf and i said-- interestingly, another little tidbit in this study that he did, which is that for the top 1%, the net worth has skyrocketed, it's gone up 71% for the top 1% you've heard so much about, so the discrepancy between the middle class and the upper echelon is bigger than it's been and that may be what president obama is clinging to in his principle that on those people, it's time to raise the taxes. of course, they're just the 1% and maybe would say the that the 250,000 bar is too low for most of the country. >> dave: as for that proposal, more and more lawmakers from georgia, congressman woodall doesn't think too highly of
5:08 am
it, in fact, equates it to nothing. watch. >> this is a giant blank sheet of paper. it's absent of any information whatsoever, because so, too, is the president's proposal for tackling the real economic challenge we have here. the real budget deficits and the real threat to economic superiority in this world, out of control federal spending. of the president of the united states, the president for four yea years, no credible plan for tackling that spending. >> clayton: saw a tweet from a viewer, one of the most poignant said we don't need-- there's no justifiable reason for washington to raise taxes on everyone. with out of control spending, they could do it with the
5:09 am
right cuts. >> alisyn: from fall river massachusetts, this is a city on the southern border of massachusetts and abuts rhode island. so the mayor of fall river has a plan for those rhode islanders who are disgruntled by their governor who refused to call the christmas tree a christmas tree, he's been calling it a holiday tree. the mayor of fall river says not in our city, come over the border and enjoy our christmas tree. >> dave: there in rhode island, a representative said if you're not going to call at that christmas tree, i'm having my own christmas tree lighting in my office and inviting the community to cokoce together, and here is her statement. >> the governor, when he said he was going to light a holiday tree because of what he did last christmas. i got hundreds of phone calls throughout the community and state and the world, and asked me to do something this year and fight for what we believe
5:10 am
in and keep the tradition going, i decided to do it. and sending out the christmas for the troops and a food drive and even st. nick is going to be joining us between 6:30 and 7 p.m. so it's going to be a lot of fun. and i had a thought provoking conversation yesterday with penn jillette. >> oh, boy, i saw him the other night. >> alisyn: always thought provoking and he is an atheist and he, you know, he's the person who feels there shouldn't be any christmas trees on public property, in the privacy of your own home do what you want, but why foist it on everybody else. but of course, you the other argument is why not have everybody celebrate something. whatever you're celebrating. why do the minority of atheists want to take away the christmas tree, why not add whatever you want to celebrate, make it a festive season is the othergument. >> dave: it becomes a problem when you're catering to this tiny minority to your point, are you making decisions in favor of two or three people over 2 or 3,000 people and
5:11 am
that's the time i think you cross over and begin to say, all right, do the atheists have more constitutional rights in this case than the masses? >> yeah, let us know how you feel about this, or ffn on twitter. and is tour bow tax tim the best kind of help fix the problem. a man who couldn't figure out his own taxes? chris wallace is going to weigh in on that. turbo-tax. >> alisyn: and what are you going to do for prime office space? i know you would. that's what freshmen on capitol hill. >> dave: rick reichmuth. >> alisyn: i don't know what you did wrong, dave, but the freshmen on capitol hill are flipping out over this. ♪ [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
5:12 am
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best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens.
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5:15 am
>> welcome back. a shocking tragedy in the nfl over the weekend. there's been a double killing involving a kansas city chiefs linebacker. and the reporter live at arrowhead stadium with more on the tragedy that unfolded there. good morning to you shaun. >> good morning, my friend, a somber mood in kansas city around the national football league this morning. games will go on today at arrow shed stadium and the carolina panthers come to town to meet the chiefs, a one o'clock kickoff eastern time for that football game and what you said really has the mood down. not so joyous as it usually is in kansas city and jovan belcher the linebacker, according to police, pulled a gun and shot his girlfriend cassandra perkins during a domestic dispute and then drove from that home in kansas
5:16 am
city, kansas on the person side of the kansas city area and drove here to the chiefs practice facility just down the road from arrowhead stadium where we are and he met with team general manager and the team coach, romeo cornell, thanked them for making him a nfl football player and then walked away and according to kansas city police he pulled a gun and shot himself ending his life. and i talked earlier with a team vice-president who said he couldn't believe what happened if anyone in this locker room were to do that, it wouldn't be jovan belcher. and yesterday, kansas city mayor sly james talked about this situation and how it's brought the entire mood of the city down. >> if you can take your worst nightmare and then put somebody na you know and love into that situation, and give nem a gun and stand three feet away from them and watch them kill then selves, that's what it's like, it's unfathomable.
5:17 am
>> again, this ball game today between carolina and kansas city will go on as scheduled, but not without some very careful consideration by team owner, mark donovan the team president. it was a stuff decision that slay james would be among those who tell you, but again, they will play football here today at arrowhead stadium. let's go back to you guys in new york. >> dave: thank you, the decision is not over yet for the chief. how do they recognize at least the mom who was kill. you had a player died. do you honor his memory? he just killed a woman. so, this is difficult situation in kansas city. >> alisyn: yeah, it's so tragic. meanwhile we're 30 days away from falling off the fiscal cliff and president obama tried to layout his plan to the american people this week and people say his plan is a nonstarter and say it's taxes and spending. >> joining us now is the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace and nice to see you this morning, chris.
5:18 am
>> hi, guys. >> clayton: you have timothy geithner on your show who was laughed at this week, in a way or the proposal that he handed to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and he let out an audible chuckle at the proposal. i'm curious if timothy geithner has the same sense of humor. >> actually we have not only timothy geithner, but john boehner in an exclusive interview at the top of the hour, these are the two point men. boehner representing house republicans and any bill is going to have to get through them and geithner representing the president. you're exactly right. when geithner presented his plan to mcconnell, mcconnell says he burst out laughing and boehner you'll hear at the top of the hour, one of the words he uses is flabbergasted. what they were shocked at not that the president was going to call for more tax increases, he campaigned on that, but he came in with such a small set of spending cuts,
5:19 am
about 600 billion dollars total in entitlement cuts and spending cuts and also had a demand that congress would give up any say from now on forever in raising the debt limit, which of course has always been a tool of congress, both democrats and republicans have used to oppose the president's policies or to demand if you're going to raise the debt limit increase spending cuts as well. boehner said there's absolutely a nonstarter. they're in a stalemate and nowhere and i guess the question is, with 30 days left is this a negotiating ploy, an enough opening negotiating position from the president or indicate that they're really far apart and we could go over the cliff. >> we could have really just two weeks before they're done. the recess is december 14th, i'm curious though, you mentioned the substance of it. how bothered is john boehner with the style of it. instead of sitting down face-to-face negotiating, the president is out giving speeches, really campaigning?
5:20 am
>> you know, i don't think so. i mean, first of all, both of these guys know when they sat together as they did in the august, 2011 talks it didn't go very well and they're negotiating with the president, negotiating with him through the secretary of the treasury so i don't think that they object to that. i think it's a-- they're serious guys and been through it before. it's a matter of substance not a matter of style. they're waiting to see what is each side willing to put on the table and the boehner side said we made concessions, the republicans. and we'll put more revenue on the table and high earners have to pay more taxes and what is the white house going to do in response. >> alisyn: it sounds like a juicy fox news sunday. >> juicy. >> alisyn: we will be watching it and eating along. >> trying to find a food
5:21 am
metaphor. you're struggling. >> alisyn: i'm trying to find a metaphor. >> clayton: great seeing you, chris, we'll be watching. >> see you guys. >> clayton: coming up on the show, a not so welcome for a little girl at sea world. watch what happens. >> dave: more and more men say they'll never get married. the reason, women aren't women anymore. >> clayton: will you start being a woman again? sometimes what we suffer from
5:22 am
is bigger than we think ... like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines.
5:23 am
if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu.
5:24 am
>> all right. welcome back. well, we've been hearing about the war on women, but what about the war on men. our next guest says this is why marriage is on the decline. >> alisyn: you guys want to hit it on the ax. >> dave: and i guess we feel left out. according to pew research only 51% of adults were married in
5:25 am
2011 compared to 72 in 1960. is the so-called war on men to blame? who called it the war on men. >> alisyn: maybe suzanne did, the author of "how to choose a husband and make peace with marriage" hi, suzanne. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: you were on "fox & friends" on wednesday and caused a bit of a firestorm. >> clayton: a hornets nest. >> alisyn: with some of your principles. let's clarify. what do you mean that women aren't women anymore? >> right, okay, keep in mind, i was quoting what men said. so, in that article, i said men said women aren't women anymore, that's one thing that's gotten kind of confused. don't kill the messenger. >> alisyn: what does that mean. >> and i piggy backed off of that by suggesting that women surrender to their femininity sn that's what people are confused about. the issue is that women have become sort of overdeveloped, if you will, in their
5:26 am
masculine side because they've been groomed for number one, a life in the marketplace as opposed to a life at home and so of course, that whole plan is going to be very different in terms of what you're going to be -- how you're going to prepare for it and what you're going to be doing with your time in your life. >> alisyn: what if women don't want to be at home and they want to have jobs. >> then don't. >> alisyn: they can't get married? >> absolutely not. of course not. i would never say that. of course i would never say such a thing, do whatever you want, but the reality is that most people do want to get married and have families and what i'm trying to say is the road map that women are being led to plan out, map out for their life is not going to work for most women if the ultimate goal is to have the family, men and marriage. >> clayton: in new york city, women waiting until they're 50 to get married or have kids, beyond science or-- >> right, right. >> clayton: is that a problem?
5:27 am
and is marriage the traditional idea of marriage suffering because women want to go further and further into the workplace? >> the idea of traditional marriage is suffering for lot of reason. the article, wasn't the whole kit and caboodle, one aspect that i was passing on, if you will. there's certainly more to the issue, the purpose of my book, how to choose a husband. this was sort after teaser. but the whole attitude for marriage in general, for young people in particular is such a negative one and that's really the premise that i'm concerned about because when you start out thinking so negatively and taught things like never depend on a man and postpone marriage as long as possible. not that there's anything wrong with postponing it, but with that attitude you're probably going to have a self-fulfilling prophesy, but turn it around. this is a good thing.
5:28 am
marriage, family-- >> governor huckabee on our show disagreed a little. >> okay. >> dave: he shed some light and i think he cleared some of this up. here is the governor on saturday. >> we've come to the place almost we forget to say there's a difference. as the french say viva la difference. i was raised a southern boy, even if you walked a lady, you walked on the street side and you opened doors and times you do that, they look at you, i'm not helpless. it's not that you're helpless, i value you, i elevate you. >> dave: what do you think of what the governor said there. >> what is wrong with that, why is that a bad thing? that's something that's gotten lost with the notion of equality that men and women are exactly the same when they are not the same. there are huge differences between them and the whole idea of being protective of, you know, women and children in particular, going back to the "titanic," for example, who are the first people off
5:29 am
the ship, the women and children. that's 'cause they were elev sort of superior in a way to men. so, there are two different ways of looking at the same issue of equality between the sexes and the one that i'm bringing forward is just, it only sounds shocking because people aren't used to hearing it. that's the issue, it's about looking, about flipping the switch and looking at this issue differently. >> alisyn: the book is "how to choose a husband and make peace with marriage" obviously very thought provoking and suzanne, thank you for being on. we could talk about this for hours. >> clayton: let us know what you feel. ff weekend on twitter. and we'll let you two debate that. >> clayton: elevate you. >> dave: when it comes to tipping how much should you be doling out and to whom? we've got the breakdown. >> alisyn: a not so warm welcome for a little girl at sea world. ouch!. >> clayton: oh. >> alisyn: what happens when a dolphin attacks.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
♪ >> welcome back, everybody. we can't wait to hear more of your comments on the battle of the sexes. keep them coming on twitter. >> clayton: on the popular, 25
5:34 am
best awards, and the 25 best gadgets. >> dave: gift ideas. >> clayton: gift ideas and advancement in science and tech following. >> alisyn: excellent. we have your headlines, new details about the miami bus crash that left two people dead and three in critical condition. crews cut survivors out of the wreckage and the double-decker bus crashed into an overpass at miami international airport headed to a jehovah's witness convention and the driver was unfamiliar with the area and didn't need to be in that area at all. >> once in the airport, unfamiliar with the routes and roads took this road and unfortunately shall the bus did not have the clearance to pass the overpass as you can see behind me. >> alisyn: all 27 other passengers on the bus sustained injuries. police have not yet filed charges. a family had a big scare at sea world, orlando after a hungry dolphin tried to get second helpings from a little girl during feeding time.
5:35 am
>> can i help you. >> the dolphin. >> i'm out of fish. >> whoa. >> alisyn: my gosh, don't worry, the little girl is okay. you can hear her worried father that caught the whole thing on camera and he's posted the video online as a warning to other parents how the dolphins are not always as cute and friendly as they look. they are wild animals. and you have to see it to believe it. the freshmen house members pulling out the stops to get that primo office space. [applaus [applause] >> and that's alison jazzlow for an incoming congresswoman, and she did a cartwheel and stuck the landing and gave her luck. picked number ten, in the capitol hill office space lottery. first, they ran out of gas
5:36 am
trying to steal gas and two would-be thieves left the evidence behind at the crime. >> i think they're going to be on world's dumbest criminals, at some point you're going to get caught if you left your rig down here. >> alisyn: this surveillance video shows two guys trying to steal gas from a golf course, after failing to hook up a hose, they tried to flee, but they were out of gas. and the next morning, the police towed the vehicle away. no arrest haves been made. maybe they're not that dumb. no arrests made. >> dave: yet. i love dumb thieves. >> alisyn: and the holidays mean pockets are tight, who you should tip and how much. we have a breakdown for you. topping the list or your-- next up. >> clayton: lawn care. >> alisyn: how much. >> clayton: $25. >> alisyn: okay. >> clayton: garbage collector, this is debatable a lot of people weighing in. >> alisyn: not give them so much. >> dave: i give them money, i
5:37 am
give them extra work and that's why i give-- >> give them extra trash. >> alisyn: and here is the average, $20. >> dave: yeah i'm on board with that. >> clayton: what do you do, you've got four garbage collectors, the guy with the trash cans, the driver. and what is the etiquette. >> dave: and charlie says tips is an acronym for tips to improve performance. >> alisyn: thank you, that clarifies it. ray says tips should be given whenever service is received. >> dave: good service, left out a key word there. >> alisyn: it's not a tip this time of year, it's a christmas gift. if you want to gift them. by the way, jake wrote in, one of our most dedicated viewers. you can't tip your mail characters it's against the law. >> clayton: that's right, it's
5:38 am
against the law to tip the employee. you ever met one that turned it down. >> dave: not giving it back. my friend. reichmuth, who do you hate tipping this time of year. >> rick: i thought you had to tip one time whatever it is. if your housekeeper 50 bucks, you tip them $50, and person who cuts your hair. >> you tip them every time. >> hair dressers, good point. >> clayton: dave needs a lot of work. >> rick: remember that the next time you get a hair cut. and the weather maps, across parts of the west and we have flooding conditions going on with very heavy rain and today is more rain and take a look what happened over the next couple of days, we'll get the future radar in, you can see the rain that we've got today and hit the button one more time there, and we've got the rain there today, it will move slowly off towards the south into southern california and begin to break up a little by tonight. tomorrow, we've got a break and there you see by monday night into tuesday, the next storm moves in with more rain. and a lot of the rivers are
5:39 am
going to continue to rise, some of them will get very close to record levels and that's going to be dangerous across much of the area. and after that storm on tuesday, things calm down and that, we're going to see a big break. unfortunately, or fortunately for about the next four to five days. clayton, send it to you. >> thanks, every year, tech gadget gu are yrugurus, this ye 26th edition, and in it, they have some of the latest and greatest innovations from 2012. here to share some of them is jennifer, editor for a "popular science" magazine. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. 25 years, that's a graduation, a long time for the innovations and some of them we might not be buying on the market and some of them are advancements. >> and let's take a look at the first one. i love this, because a lot of people have written in about this, i saw this at cvs the year before send in a smart phone and get it water prov?
5:40 am
>> you can. i think we all wish we had it at one point or another. send your phone to the company and put it in a vacuum chamber and a coating that water proofs the parts. >> when you get it back, you can drop it in a cup of coffee or something and the electronic parts, water rolls off it. >> we have coffee and if you put it on this, hydro phobic tissue, it will roll off of it. >> look at that. there is coffee that rolls off of it. that's what it does, an innovation this year and 59, $89 when you send it in, here it is, it's swivel demo, what is this? i don't know what it is. >> this is actually a base for an iphone or a thin camera that will enable you to move around if you're video chatting. if you're using face time or something like that, you can actually move 360 degrees and the camera will remain on you.
5:41 am
>> that's pretty school. >> you can do other things, you can cook, you can-- >> you could be in the kitchen talking to your kids. >> the back country generator, great for camping and camping stoves? >> it is a camp stove and you put fuel in the comustion chamber and powers a generator you can use to charge your cell phone and this is designed with natural disaster in mind and did during hurricane sandy perfect time to set it and they allowed them to charge their cell phones using this, so it's handy to have around whether you're hiking or if you're just in a tough spot. >> clayton: two more things here, open heart alternative. tell us about this. is it a heart valve? >> this is a heart valve. this actually is the-- from evers life sciences and it's a steel meshed cage will squish down the--
5:42 am
this then people who didn't qualify for the heart valve, can now get a replacement, to go through a reportry. and you can check out everything on "popular science's" 20th edition, including the water purifying back tack and personal sound am phiiplifyin amplifying. and popul"popular science" is o news stands. >> alisyn: and the fiscal cliff, the next guest says the medicare program is on the path to insolvency and he's going to give us the solution to fix it. they caused the demise of the twinky and labor unions are threatening the big mac, fast food workers and what it means for your lunch. ♪ can't leave the table
5:43 am
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bp has paid overthe people of bp twenty-threeitment to the gulf. billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. d bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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5:46 am
>> all right. so, real entitlements like medicare to be on the chopping block. after spending more than 486 billion dollars in medicare last year. experts say it could be the next program to be bankrupt. is raising the eligibility age the answer? >> the doctor is a former president of the american medical association and author of the little red book of leadership lessons and he joins us live from new orleans, and perfectly placed just behind him. good to see you, doc? >> good seeing you, dave and alisyn, how are you doing? >> we're doing great, a lot of people, certainly republicans talking about raising eligibility age for medicare by at least around two years and you point out they're both positives and negatives to that approach? what are they? >> well, first of all, something has to be done. medicare has a broken engine. we can't continue just it put
5:47 am
an oil in this leaking engine. we have 50 million people on medicare right now, and we're adding 10,000 people a day because of the baby boomers joining, and last year, we spent 549 billion dollars on medicare and so, if you look at two sources, one the congressional budget office and the second source, the medicare trustees and we can say that those are nonpartisan groups, they're saying that medicare will be bankrupt in 2024. >> okay. >> that's based on the assumption that what will happen is that we're going to do this price cutting. cutting physicians in january. 27% so if you rise the medicare age to 67, what you have to do is to give some notice so that you don't suddenly have a detrimental alliance program where people about to get on medicare suddenly find that they can't get on medicare. so, you've got to move that in
5:48 am
gradually. but that would be a step in the right direction, certainly. and the other thing would be to put medicare into a defined contribution or a premium support model. which, by the way, i'm not speaking to the ama now, but ama is in favor of that and several former presidents of ama. and have long time advocated this. >> alisyn: you say that one thing that would really help is for people to take responsibility for their individual health care and make the right decisions. what does that look like? >> yes, absolutely. what we should do is get competition in the mix. there's really no competition now in medicare. if you tell everybody they can get an automobile, they're not going to pick a used yugo, they're going out and buy a nice car, an expensive car. what we need to do is make the individual patient, let the patient think about being fiscally responsible. what's a good way to do that? a health savings account would
5:49 am
be available to many people with high deductible insurance over that and i'm afraid with the affordable care act that that option may be knocked out because they're not going to count the money that the individual puts in to the health savings account as part of the ratio when they look at expenses and payouts and so on. so, what we need to acknowledge that there's a problem that medicare's going bankrupt and we need to come up with a solution. raising the medicare age, converting medicare to defined contribution of premium support, having competition across state lines so that we don't get one insurance company with so much power out there, to control what they pay or what services they offer. let's have something like the federal employees health benefit program that the people in congress have. >> if only we had some elected officials who would discuss changes to entitlements and-- >> well, we've got to stop the rhetoric and the games playing and get down to serious business. >> got it.
5:50 am
thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much. >> all right, coming up they call it the demise of the twinkies, now labor unions are threatening your big mac. what could it mean for you and possibly your lunch?
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> and welcome back, well, this past month alone, labor unions had a hand in a-- in hostess going out of business and protests at lax and wal-mart black friday strikes and workers demanding higher pay and the right to form an independent union. our next guest says they need to take that union threat seriously. >> dave: and next from berman and company, does research on
5:54 am
impact on businesses. good morning to you, rick. >> good morning. >> dave: you had about 2000 workers striking, but there's about 500,000 fast food workers in the new york area, so this is a small fraction. where do you feel that these gripes are coming from? >> well, firstly, it's coming from the top. the unions today can't seem to win elections among employees and so, what they're doing is they're picketing and demonstratin demonstrating, seeking consumer boycotts to try and put pressure on the business owner to turn their employees over and basically give the unions, new union members after an election and what you're not seeing is the typical way that unions have organized in the past where the employees themselves want unions. you can get people to go out and demonstrate or pay hired demonstrators which is often the case in demonstrations, they hire homeless people to picket and they hire union
5:55 am
organizers to make noise, but for the most part the employees are not interested in joining a union and that's why they're having to demonstrate and create noise rather than just create elections. >> clayton: the sciu president had this to say about this whole thing. fast food workers like workers at wal-mart and workers in airports are taking a brave step forward to call for a living wage so they can lift themselves out of poverty and contribute more to the economy and we all stand to gain when workers can drive the economy forward, but you're saying it's not really the workers. they're being basically told to go out and protest by higher ups, is that right? >> that's exactly right. the workers -- people don't join fast food companies to make big wages. these are transitional jobs. these are jobs for younger people. these are generally not people who are supporting families. these are jobs that everyone recognizes to employ the least skilled people in society who often times can't get jobs in other situations where the kids going to college, kids
5:56 am
going to high school and looking for have money. the unions are looking for more dues paying members and they actually enjoy organizing places like this because there is natural high turnover and these people are generally not taking the full-time jobs and with high turnover every time the new person comes in, you get a new ininitiation fee. the unions dying and they need new places to find new members. >> dave: many fear in they get their demands the price of fast food dramatically increas increases. thanks for being with us. >> sure. >> clayton: and last resort, get a kidney or die, what did she do? she put up a billboard. her story at the top of the hour. >> dave: first he took christmas out of christmas tree and now the governor of rhode island wants to pull the plug on the entire christmas season, clayton. one lawmaker has a plan to
5:57 am
fight back. ♪ we need a little christmas right this very minute ♪ ♪ t... i was worried the health care system spoke a language captioned by closed captioning services, inc. fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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>> morning everyone. it's sunday december 2nd. here's what's happening at this hour. living on the edge we are weeks away from going over the fiscal cliff. so what does the president do? well, at the moment blame republicans. >> it is unacceptable for some republicans to hold middle class tax cuts hostage because they refuse to let the tax rates go up on the wealthiest americans. >> where is the compromise today? we will look for it. >> a shacking tragedy in the nfl. kansas city chief linebacker kills his girlfriend then himself. this morning disturbing new details coming to light. we will have a live report ahead. >> he gave a homeless man a pair
6:01 am
of boots on a freezing night in manhatt manhattan. now the officer's single act of kindness keeps getting better. an update on this heartwarming story. fox and friends hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ fox and friends >> we have an important story on autism coming up for you. there were big hearings on capitol hill this week that not many in the mainstream media really covered. congress people are trying to get answers for why there's been such a spike in the autism rate. >> that and more. plus your e-mails this morning on tipping. how much is too much for holiday tipping, the garbage image the postal employee on and on. >> first we want to get to your headlines. we have a fox news lart. we are following the new developments on a deadly attack on a air pass in eastern
6:02 am
afghanistan. there are no reports of any american deaths. afghan authorities say three afghan soldiers and two civilians were killed after car bombs went off at the gate. guards responded by opening fire. the taliban claimed responsibilitiesibility for the attack. the attackers did not make it past the gates. possible signal issues in the new jersey train derailment. the train stopped for a red light after inspecting the bridge. the engineer got approval from the dispatcher to cross despite the red light. only a few cars made it over the bridge before it collapsed derailing 7 cars. toxic gas then leaked into the air making more than 70 people sick. they are looking whether the signal issues contributed to the crash. >> hillary clinton will head over to the czech republic then
6:03 am
belgium and dublin ireland where she will make a speech about how the u.s. has helped with rights and discuss peace efforts. >> one wisconsin mother got a special gift a kidney all thanks to a billboard. when her kidney failed her friends wanted to help her find a donor so they bought a billboard that read quote young mother needs live kidney donor. is it you? it inspired a stranger to get tested and a match was found. now stephanie has a new kidney. there have so many emotions going through my head. i don't even know which one to latch on to to say it's the most exciting part or the most thankful part or oh my gosh is this really happening part. >> stephanie's transplant included a chain of four donors and four recipients across the country. she received her new kidney last week and is said to be recovering extremely well. >> that's amazing. fantastic. let's check in with rick who is in the weather center.
6:04 am
>> the weather center across the studio. >> get outside. it's warm out. >> it is really warm out across a lot of the eastern part of the country. the eastern say two-thirds of the country well above average. today we have areas about 35 degrees above where you typically would be this time of year. you see the warmth there 56 in chicago. your average high this time of year is 40 degrees. you are already 16 degrees above average. out across the west with the next storm coming in it is very, very windy. we are going to see winds gusting 50-70 miles an hour. in the highest passes we will see stronger than that. with a lot more rain coming in we will see trees down. we have seen trees down toppled on top of cars and houses and such that will continue. the rain extends to the pacific northwest but the bulk of it across northern parts of california meaning a lot of the rivers will continue to rise out of their banks in many cases. also dealing precipitation this morning. in the great lakes over the ohio
6:05 am
valley in the east coast a little bit of freezing rain across parts of maine. be careful on those roads. this rain will keep things light and gloomy for much of the day today. temperatures extremely warm across parts of the plains and we will continue to see the heat build toward the east. temperatures into some 50s and 60s across parts of the northeast. back to you. >> thanks, buddy. kids across the country are opening up the advent calendars counting down the days to christmas. mom and dad, to count down the days until the fiscal cliff until we fall off of it in 30-days. in legislative language they have two weeks to carve out a deal. republicans or democrats miles apart. >> two weeks because they take christmas off. congress does. >> starting the 149. -- 14th. >> they got canceled. >> congress never really shied away from vacation time. they get on planes and get out there. president obama is blaming the
6:06 am
republicans for this stalled proposal right now. listen to the president. >> if congress does nothing eerie familiar -- every family will see income taxes go up at the beginning of next year. a typical middle class family of four will see income taxes rise by $2,200. it's unacceptable for some republicans in congress to hold middle class tax cuts in hostage because they refuse to let tax rates go up on the wealthiest americans. >> congressman ted o says he finds the president's suggestion to congress basically laughable, because the president, you will remember during the campaign the 800 billion number was thrown around for new taxes how much revenue could be brought in if that upper echelon of people were taxed higher. now it has suddenly become 1.6 trillion in new revenue in terms of taxes that the president is looking for.
6:07 am
congressman ted pough has thoughts on this. >> his proposal is so ridiculous the idea that if he would raise taxes if we followed his plan wouldn't solve the problem anyway because the spending is so much. he wants to spend more money and wants the stimulus bill, son of stimulus the first one didn't work very well for the country, yet we cannot spend our way into prosperity and tax our way into prosperity which is what the president thinks. >> when you continue on with congressman ted poe and lewey gomer and several others they want the flat tax. they say that is the fair share that people ought to be paying in this country. we are a long way from that but they would like to get some type of flat tax proposal out there. do you think that's the right format to move forward and does it have a chance? >> it's hard to know who has the upper hand. the fiscal cliff if it happens all taxes go up. if he wants taxes to go up on
6:08 am
some portion of the population, he has the upper hand but no president wants to preside over a recession. >> it will be his. it won't be john boehner's recession. >> let's talk christmas. 'tis the season isn't it? >> a heartwarming story? >> a heartwarming story at christmas? i would way wish. rhode islanders are having a bit of an issue because their governor lincoln chaffey decided not to call the christmas tree the christmas tree. he is calling it the holiday tree. now rhode islanders are upset about it you know what? massachusetts is offering a bit of a safe refuge i guess. they want to flee rhode island and hop over to another island state up there in massachusetts. the mayor of fall river. >> massachusetts is offering up their christmas tree as a place where rhode islanders can go across and enjoy list tone the mayor. >> all road lineders would
6:09 am
object. they can go to their state house and light the tree and go to tradition. we felt they were short changed in rhode island go across the border 15 minutes away from you and have a great time with us tonight. >> do you care that your governor is not calling it a christmas tree? >> depends. you have to see how many rhode islanders fled for the border to massachusetts. we need to see what the numbers were. we also interviewed state rep of rhode island republican rep who had her own plan for how to celebrate. >> the governor efforts when he said he was going to light a holiday tree because of what happened last christmas everybody started calling me. i have got hundreds of phone calls through out the community and state and through out the world and they asked me to do something this year and fight for what we believe in and keep the tradition going. so i decided to do it. we are going to write christmas cards out to the troops we are going to have a food drive work for toys for tots even saint nick is going to be joining us
6:10 am
for 6:30 p.m. it will be fun. >> we are partnering with toys for tots, too. we have them on the plaza. how you can help out a simple living social donation coming up. >> coming up we heard from the police officer whose act of kindness went viral. >> i don't care about the price. i said we need to get him a good pair of boots. >> now we are learning even more about the homeless man. we will give you the back story there. >> is this a new financial bubble? is it about to burst? our next guest says yes. most people have no idea they are already invested in it. >> we have been talking about that housing bubble again or something different. ♪ [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables
6:11 am
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6:14 am
>> when president obama was re-elected it was the heist unemployment rate since franklin dell another roosevelt. high unemployment isn't the only reason it is like 1937. joining us now to explain why is amity slave she is the director of the bush institute for 4 percent growth project author of the fourth coming book on coolidge. i can't wait to read that. 1937 looking a lot like 2013. how so? you broke it down by 4 different points. number one you say preelection spending that sets records. explain why this is one of the major problems? >> you call 1936 was an election year like this year. they spent a lot. they spent a record amount. 1936 interestingly was the first year in peace time that the federal government was bigger than the states.
6:15 am
america the states and towns used to be the big government and the federal government was a pygmy. that changed in 36. roosevelt campaigning made that great. this past year we spent a record share of the economy as well. that's the first one. >> number two off the list is the cold water afterward after the election? >> it is appropriate. it's the hang over. after the election after roosevelt won and he won historically 46 out of 46 states. i better savement we spent too much in the leblgs year. so there's a shivering of austerity in 37 as there is now fiscal cliff. >> right after the election oh my gosh we better save now. we forgot to save this time. >> number 3 fear some attack on the status quo. >> that's what i have been focusing on in my work. franklin roosevelt the second
6:16 am
term was very tough. he said in the first term folks you met your match. now you rich people you have met your master. image a politician say that go today. president obama doesn't say that but it is striking how he has been. he wouldn't allow taxes to go up. wouldn't keep taxes where they are on the rich, scrooge. he wouldn't do that. so he made it clear that the tax increases for the rich the point of his campaign they are the most important thing he brings them up get the rich. that is similar to roosevelt. >> fallout from the first term legislation. we saw that obviously in 1936 in 1937 because of what new deal politics and new deal policies now talking obama care? >> these are clear analogies. it's the binge hangover thing. first you have a great piece of legislation that sounds great before the election. obama care.
6:17 am
then it was the wagner act for labor social security was the new thing. after the election the changes. only due in 1937 all of a sudden that money was gone from the economy that was one of the reasons why we are talking now. they had a depression within the depression. stock market went down. >> let's be specific here. before the break we said we could see another bubble. before we saw the housing bubble a few years ago. we know what that is. is the bubble the amount of money that will be taken out of the economy because of obama care? >> in 37 actions 38 thu had-- 3 37 they had a bubble. the year after the election it popped. we are doing our bubble right now. coming up a pop that would mean further unemployment. they had a downturn, this is the bubbly period. that's what the fed was doing when it put money into the
6:18 am
economy prior to the election. they had a benefit for the election. interest rates are so low many people would say we are in a bubble. sounds strange because we don't feel so bubbly. outside of the u.s. they would say we are too easy sloshing with money or the bubble is inflated, pop. >> stock market uneasy as we await this fiscal cliff. >> check out the new book coolidge when it hits stores. >> coming up look at this shocking statistic. autism effects 1 out of 88 children. there's no cure for it. we don't really know what's causing it, do we? we want to know what is being done to fight it. washington needs to find the answers on this. he will be here next. a shocking tragedy in the nfl a kansas city chief linebacker kills his girlfriend and himself right in front of the coaches at arrowhead stadium. we have a live report straight ahead.
6:19 am
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>> it's a shocking statistic. one out of every 88 u.s. children will develop autism. the number sky rocketing from 30 years ago when the disorder impacted one in every 10,000 children. the startling statistics are prompting some lawmakers to demand answers. our next guest questioned the certainties of disease control about the federal response. congressman burton joins us now. >> how are you? >> doing well. i don't have to tell you how the autism rates have sky rocketed. they are one in 88 as we said. it sounded like you and your fellow lawmakers do not just believe there's better detection as some doctors suggested.
6:23 am
do you feel the came and provided you with any answers? >> no, they haven't. i have had chairman of government reform and oversight for six years. we had hearings on the autism epidemic for four years. we had scientists from all over the world come in and testify. one of the causes we believe and i am confident we are accurate is the mercury being injected into children and adults through our vaccinations. there's a product which contains mercury it's used as a preservative. it has never been tested. children have been getting so many shots before they go to school many kids are becoming autistic very rapidly after getting theseshots. >> i want to interject here. doctors have poo pooed this notion for a long time. mer tour rehas been taken out. the little bit they say it is
6:24 am
safe. that controversial topic whether there's a link comes up several times. let me tell you what carolyn maloney said to the >> i had 50 million parents write to me or come to me said i had a healthy child then they had 10, 9, six vaccinations at one time and that child changed overnight and was knocking their head on the wall and it was a changed child. >> did the respond to that? >> there was no concrete evidence to prove that. if there's any question at all about whether mer tour recauses a problem like this for kikids adults you ought to get it out of the vaccinations. if you are a woman who is pregnant they tell you not to eat fish with mercury tell you not to handle mercury in any
6:25 am
way, shape or form. my grandson got 9 shots all in one day and he got shots with mercury and he changed a very shortly after. the vaccinations is a contributing factor. i am not against vaccinations i am saying we need to get mer tour reout of the vaccinations. >> makes doctors nervous because the flip side of what that can cause in terms of epidemics of diseases is a problem. you have personal experience of this. what do you want the federal government to do about these rising autism rates now? >> i think the and fda health and human services should get mer tour reout of anything injected or put into the human body. it is toxic. it is one of the most toxic materials in the world. we could go to single shot vials for vaccinations for adults and children that would not require
6:26 am
any preservative like this. if we do that we could stem the tied on these radical increases in people who have autism. >> congressman we really appreciate you coming in on this sunday to tell you what your take is. we will continue on with the story. >> he gave a homeless man a pair of boots and socks on a freezing night now this officer's single act of kindness there are new developments in the story we will bring you up to date. 11 months out of the year their mission is to serve and protect our freedom. on the 12th month their mission is to collect and distribute millions of toys to children across the country. next we will find out about the u.s. marines toys for tots program. ay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle.
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>> welcome back everybody. 9:30 eastern time. a shocking tragedy in the nfl. a kansas city chief's linebacker kills his girlfriend then himself just in front of the general manager and head coach. wdaf reporter shawn mcdowell has more on this tragedy. was there any clue as to what was happening with this player on or off the field or anything bad going on in his
6:31 am
relationship? >> no clue as of yet, sir. i talked with a team official a while ago. told me that javon bele chere was the last member of this team he would have expected to do anything like this. gates at arrowhead stadium opening up. tailgaters are trickling in. they will be sure to talk about the scene when the 25-year-old took his own life as well as that and hof his girlfriend in domestic dispute. they say dell cher shot his girlfriend and turned the gun on himself ending both of their lives. no word on what was going on between them other than it was part of a domestic argument. some of her friends, cassandra perkins now deceased girlfriend friends of hers told us they talked with her earlier in the day and they are still bee willedered by what happened in kansas city. >> did you have a chance to talk with her yesterday? >> just short. she was getting ready to leave. i told her i missed her and i wanted to see her soon and i
6:32 am
wanted to hang out and see zoe. >> she said to you? she said, yeah. >> the game here at arrowhead stadium between the kansas city chiefs and panthers 1:00 eastern time. it will continue. football will resume. no word as to whether or not the chief also commemorate the life or the death if you will of belcher on the field or during this game. let's go back to you guys in new york. >> thank you very much, shawn. appreciate t. that is a tough question for the hunt family who owns the kansas city chiefs. your husband will be at the game. curious when he says about how they commemorate belcher how they mondnoern th-- honor the m killed. >> he just said everybody in cab sass city is sho-- kansas city shocked. >> a horrible yeerp on the football field now off. >> people talking about this
6:33 am
st story all week. >> it is a heartwarming story when you see when this police officer did with a homeless man who was shoeless. he says people were standing around making fun of him. there's an update to the story. if you have not heard from larry yet he was on fox and friends he's the police officer who went out and bought boots for this homeless man. let's listen to him first. >> what brought my attention to him they were making fun at him. he didn't even have a pair of socks on. die care about the price we need to get him a pair of boots. as a police officer and another human being you want to help this gentlemen. i think that's something that a lot of people don't realize. things like this happen every day. >> so nice to hear from that officer. as he said they do things like that every day. today we have an update on the back story of the homeless man. who is he? how did this happen? why is he sitting on the street with no shoes.
6:34 am
jeffery hill man 54 years old he has been way ward for quite sometime decades in fact. his family who the post got in touch with says he would call about once a year check in so they knew he was alive but they didn't know how he was doing. >> further his brother identified him picked up the new york post sees the picture of the homeless man and realizes that's his brother. that's my brother. now my door is open to him. we haven't really talked he has gone through difficult times with alcohol. maybe there would be some sort of reunion where he gets off the streets. may have more of a positive ending than what we saw with the story. >> headlines, equipped is in court suspending all work as hundreds of egyptian protests for and against their president
6:35 am
morsi. egyptians stepping out against morsi's recent power grab. it won't continue working until pressure on them from morsi has ended. >> meanwhile this is video of pro morsi demonstrators rallying outside of the supreme constitutional courts in his favor. both rallies come as morsi announced there will be a vote on a new constitution in two weeks. in the next five years there could be hundreds of new spies overseas. that is reportedly part of the plan by the pentagon to ramp up the network to one that would rifle the cia in size. sources say there would be as many as 1600 of those so-called information collectors for the defense intelligence agency. the areas of focus islamist militant groups in africa weapon transfers in north korea and iran and military modernization in chiep gnaw. training with military seals something no woman has ever
6:36 am
completed. fitness model under went the challenge. she did very well impressing the drill instructor. she joined us to talk about it. >> to be honest with you i had no idea how difficult it was. then when you think about what they are doing overseas fighting war, i don't think there's anyway you could ever prepare for something like that. yeah, i did so many pushups someone yelled at me the whole time. but being overseas and fighting in a war and trying to fight for my life and the rest of my country i couldn't image what that would be like. >> she takes on a new challenge every week. you can find them all on youtube. that's a particularly tough one, though. that was great. >> she is doing nascar next. ca dave is outside with toys for tots. >> that's rick. don't trick me. >> i watched the youtube clips
6:37 am
of hers. >> of the model? >> and her training. take a look at the weather picture. there's fog this morning mixing out across parts of the northeast. dense fog advisories across parts of pennsylvania has lifted. we have them across areas of new england down towards dc and down across parts of the central gulf areas from i 10 up towards gulf port experiencing fog through out the morning. be careful along i 10. head into the northern plains we are also dealing with it. a lot of places as you are out there on the roads you need to be taking it very, very slow. across the northeast temperatures really climbing. we have rain and scattered showers and clouds but the temperatures feeling more comfortable but not really any wind issues or anything. down to the south it's all sunshine and warmth. temperatures around 20 degrees above your average. we need rain and we are not getting any of the rain
6:38 am
unfortunately just yet here. into the northern plains we have sub shine and mild temperatures continuing. mild temperatures for the next 4-5 days continuing here. enjoy that. out across the west that's where all of the big activity has been. today more rain and mountain snow and windy withins. very windy toward the northern rockies. >> dave, send it over to you. >> you can save the u.s. marine corps merry mission to collect and distribute many toys across the united states. thanks for your service. i don't know a lot of people know the marine corps started toys for tots and they maintain it for all of these years. 65 years. talk about some of the history involved this morning in toys for tots. >> it started in 1946 by major bill hendricks in california. it was his wife's idea. behind every good man is a good
6:39 am
woman. >> it was his wife's idea she wanted a good way to give back to the kids in california who didn't have toys. he grabbed the marines they started giving out toys to needy children. his wife actually sown together her rag eddy ann doll that was the first ever distributed for toys for tots. >> you distributed toys for 7 million kids and special partnership with living social tell us hwhat they are doing an how people can get involved. >> they are going above and beyond this year to help us out. if you go to living any member that spends $5 they are going to match it for up to a million dollars wrt of toys. that's a huge contribution to us this year. for those that might not know what living social is, living social is an organization that you can go and find great deals for your community. if you go to living they are helping us out big time this year. >> my co host made fun of my
6:40 am
addiction to living social and groupon. what types of things are you looking for? >> as far as what types of toys, i mean a lot of people always ask what is the hot toy what's the new toy. to be honest it kind of depends on the kid. people always like stuffed animals, dogs, sports toys anything that brings a smile to the kid. for us that's the big thing. you have got a baseball. >> that one speaks to me. >> right there. kid gets that he is going to have fun with that for the whole year. so any toy that really brings a toy to the kid's face help them out for a christmas. when i was a young kids i received a toys for tots kid when i was small. for me that was a big part of why i joined the marine corps and what got me involved in toys for tots for all these years. >> they donated 500 million toys over these 65 years. get on living they are matching up to a million toys. sergeant hernandez thank you for your service. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> guys what's coming up?
6:41 am
>> coming up recreational pot. >> now legal in two states but it's still against the federal law. are we spending the wrong message? steven crowder says it is simple. you make it legal more people will do it. >> maybe jesus being replaced with frosty the snowman. >> now christmas trees being called holiday trees. why do atheists seem to have more rights when it comes to the conts tugs and christians, father john has some thoughts on those. he will share them after this. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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6:45 am
trees instead. >> i am going to guess father john religion contributor has thoughts on this. >> am i angry, am i upset? >> i am not feeling angry from you. >> the reason i am not angry is? th that yes, i think it's silly. it's out of place for people to dedicate so much energy to try to get rid of christmas scenes like this. the good news is when christianity has been persecuted, when it has been outlawed, when people have died for their faith, it hasn't gone away. everybody has an opportunity to make sure their faith does not go away in this christmas season. to live that faith as a family, as a community. what should we do about these i think very small percentage of people who are working to try to get rid of these public expressions of faith? i think we should speak up. that's why i am doing it. that's why i think it's important we have these stories to show what they are trying to
6:46 am
do without losing the peace. if our christmas is going to be all about getting a upset at people trying to take away christmas that's silly too. >>s are mu rasmussen did a poll how people say happy holidays. seasons greetings 68 percent of people say merry christmas as opposed to 23 percent who say happy holidays. >> i am so happy when someone says to me, happy hanukkah. i love that. i love when someone says happy hanukkah. somebody is celebrating their faith. passing that on to me. i would respond, happy hanukkah to you as well. as a christian in my case i am a christian. if i have to make a decision do i have to say happy holidays or merry christmas. i am happy to let people know i am celebrating christmas. that is america. we don't have to hide our differences. >> it's a celebration of your faith it's a celebration of
6:47 am
christmas. why would someone have to take offense to the way which you introduce the holidays. >> i think it's a good question. it would be an offense if we were saying as a country as a government in our courts the only public expression of religion should be christianity because most americans are christian. that is not the american way. but the american way is not let's pretend that we are all the same and because we are so sensitive we want to make sure that nobody has a public expression. there are people who would like faith and freedom of religion could be instead the freedom of worship. that is you can only have an expression of your faith, your religion inside the walls of church. that has not been the american tradition the american way and we individually should step up and say i am going to live my faith in a joyful happy way. >> what about that when it comes outside of your house and it's in the public square the town hall at the governor's mansion
6:48 am
and christmas tree, is that a problem? >> not at all. the courts have repeatedly said as long as you are open also to symbols of other religions that is an appropriate thing to do. a small town in the united states that is 90 percent muslim they should have a right in their courthouse to have an expression of their islamic faith. absolutely for sure. the courts said as long as we have free exercise of religion the other clause must be protected that means allowing people to have public expressions of their belief. >> we needed you to shed light on that four-hours ago. >> you guys looked so angry about the war on christmas. >> there's no anger here. happy honda. -- hanukkah. >> happy hanukkah to you.
6:49 am
>> thank you, father. >> from that to this. it is legal to smoke marijuana recreationally. still against federal law. should the feds step in? steven crowder says they better before we go up in smoke and become a nation of pot heads. >> yeah, father john.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
yeah, there is a lot of pot next to me.
6:53 am
[ laughter ] out next guest is worried it could get worse though states like colorado and washington legalized small amount of recreational pot but it's against federal law. are we sending the wrong message when it comes to legalizing marijuana? our next guest wants to clear the air. starting to get smoky in here. steven crowder is live, fox news contributor, with an interesting take on this. are you worried that states made the move but the federal got hasn't? or vice versa. >> first, first off, i appreciate all the puns. you took in every single one under the sun you could. here is the thing. i understand the constitutional argument it should be a state issue. of course, that is not the case right now, and until we work out the situation with roadside testing for marijuana, that requires constitution, it's a federal issue. i understand the argument. it vote not to have it in my state. that being said, i have a problem with legalizing marijuana based on a premise that is a lie. based on a premise it's
6:54 am
harmless. we have went out and interviewed people should marijuana be legalized legalized? they said yes. why? it's harmless. legalizing marijuana does not end the war on drug, does not clear up the prisons and not a harmless substances. if you legalize it, more people do it. if you're okay with that an say it's a state issue, fine. but don't lie to me. >> we had michelle malkin, fox news contributor, from colorado, supports the idea -- she says she is a libertarian on this issue that the government shouldn't involved in this. if you want to smoke pot in confine of your own home, that is fine. if you get in prison issue and this is an interesting point, california argues it soaks up the prison and uses police resources we can't afford to use. some cities said in california you know what? we are not even going to stop them or arrest them anymore if they have pot in their possession, going against the federal law. >> sure, i understand that. i was raised in montreal that
6:55 am
it's less than a parking ticket so everybody did it. here is the problem with that. they use this number. 25% of prisoners are nonviolent drug offenders. listen, al capone was a nonviolent offender. most head of mafia rings are nonviolent offenders. a lot of people running underage sex slaves are nonviolent offenders. look at the people in state prison for crimes solely involving marijuana, 1.4%. marijuana possession is 0.1%. listen, if you want to say legalize drugs, and it will end the war, okay, let's talk about that. but let's not act as though they are rating and putting every jeff picoli in jail. that is not true. but in places like california or colorado where perception of marijuana being harmless increases to a "t." i put that in the video that people can see online. usage among teenagers increases. even though no one is saying hey, kids, go ahead and light up. what happens if it's
6:56 am
legalized, it's legalized under the premise it's harmless so teenagers say that as a license to smoke up. if i said anything that offends anybody -- go ahead. >> aren't you making a progressive arguement that the government needs to step in because the parents aren't well enough to educate their children that they shouldn't be smoking pot. we need government to say you can't smoke pot because it's bad for you? >> i'm not saying the government should step in. we should educate people. if they're pro-legalization, this is about education. if you have a problem, i'm easy to find. tweet me on twitter. >> smoke them if you've got them. stein, thank you to see you as always. we vehicle more fox and friend -- we'll have more "fox .
6:57 am
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6:59 am
all right. remember, toys for tot. if they don't run away with them they'll go to deeveryone ising children. where can people go if they


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